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Hi hi other druids! ^.^ 


So it's been a long road with versatility and me. We've had our downs and...downs. I frequently feel as though I get a lot of grief when I, as a guardian druid, stack mastery over versatility. To my mind, doing so makes sense. My guardian's mastery gives me all that versatility gives me (minus a very small and imo unoticable damage reduction that I feel like my agility makes up for anyway?)  So my question is basic really: why do we value vers so highly when our character build/stats already do so much of what vers also does? In my experience stacking it highly also makes me feel weaker as I lose mastery--specifically where frenzied regen/Ysera's gift... well the entire resto affinity talent ACTUALLY is concerened. Maybe it's a coincidence but I never can find the numbers for these stats or approximate stat weights but I can't imagine not having like 16-20% mastery. I'm sure ilvl plays a part in my durability as a tank (obviosuly) but with mastery gear over vers gear I feel stronger and it seems to check out by looking at both healing received AND healing done. Is there something I'm missing or some magic to vers I'm just too bitter or stubborn to acknowledge? 


For reference: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/kiljaeden/akrí


Currently, as you will see my vers and mastery are about equal. However, I'm ever on the lookout for more mastery and less vers on any one piece of gear. 


Thoughts or suggestions?

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