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Hunter Tame Help...???

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I want to tame the Armored Draenor boar/Ashmaul Gutwrencher boar. The problem is every time I go to Warspear in Ashran and go to the Brute's Rise area to try and tame it...the boar is not 'there'/visible for taming. 

Some quick specs _

1. F2P account. Level 20 Horde Beast Mastery Hunter. Patch 9.0.2. US Frostwolf Realm. 

2. Petopia Link. Wowhead Link


A. Do I need to be a certain high enough level...? The petopia page says the boar is level 10-40 so I should be able to tame it. 

B. I finished the 'Warlords of Draenor' quests/storyline and I have my own 'garrison' and yet when I go to Brute's Rise in Ashran, the boar is not there for taming. At first I went to Warspear 'NOT' having started any Warlords of Draenor quests or storylines and so I initially thought that in order for the boar to appear...I would need to 'unlock' Warlords of Draenor through starting the quests/storyline from Orgrimmar. But...even after completing the initial quests/storyline and acquiring my own garrison...The boar is not there for taming. 

C. Its always a 'ghost town' every time I go to Warspear/Brutes Rise in Ashran. Do I need to 'build up' my garrison to a certain level in order for the boar to appear in Brutes Rise...?

D. Maybe its locked out since I am on a F2P account. So maybe I need to 'buy' the game in order to unlock the boar/warlords of draenor...? 

Anyone have the same problem...? Help me my fellow Hunters...?! For The Horde! 


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