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Aspect of the Chameleon Help/Confusion...???

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How does Aspect of the Chameleon work? Every time I use it, it seems like its not working or at least that's what it 'feels like'. Its weird because I know what it says its supposed to do but every time I use it I feel like its not doing anything. 

Some questions/concerns...

1. How are you supposed to use it...? For example...I will pop aspect of the chameleon before I engage a mob/fight and I will 'run' to the mob thinking it 'will not' engage me since chameleon is on and therefore should not be able to 'track me'. But that is NOT the case. The mob always tracks/finds me even when chameleon is on and I have to engage in a fight. 

2. Are you supposed to use it when running away from a fight/mob...? Every time I engage a mob/fight and than decide to bail and run...I will pop chameleon in hopes that it will not be able to 'track me' and therefore just stop chasing after me. But this is NOT the case also and the mob still chases after me even though I popped chameleon. What gives...?

Am I doing something wrong here because clearly Chameleon does not work how I am 'imagining/envisioning'. I am all confused and so my Chameleon just sits on my action bar unused. Help...? Is it supposed to work kind of like a Rogue's stealth...?


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It stops other players tracking you on the minimap.
Other Hunters in PVP can see you as a dot with "track humanoid" before they see you. that's all it prevents.

Our actual stealth is "Camouflage", in the talent tree.

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