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Returning to Roguedom

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Hello Fellow Rogues.

I'm not exactly new to the game... (16 years very casually...) but I've just got back into it after about 5 years of being MIA (my laptop died and my temporary one lasted 5 years!).

However, I'm back. All caught up to lvl 60 as of yesterday and am trying to backtrack to get the rogue mount. I know it's years old but I want it.

How the heck do you get Auctioneer Xifa?

I'm a sub rogue. Do I really have to switch to Assassination?

I've got into Org - I've stealthed to the back of the tent, i've shadowstepped and oh bother she's a level 60 too and then I knocked about a third of her health down before I got zapped by everyone in there.

Any help, hints and / or tips greatfully received.

(Especially the one about not trying the quest on the busiest gaming day of the year ever.... too late. Already did that one!)

Thank you in advance... 🙂


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