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Struggle on Council

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hello fellow warlocks

long time i didn't post here
i have some problem with this fight no matter which spec i tried. my damage output was even below the tanks in some tries last night
eventually  i was removed from the group. this is first time i tried affliction though (in shadowlands)
last time i played affliction was in Legion, maybe im kinda rusty and multi doting was overwhelming
but same problem was with destro and even demo in some tries

here is logs from last night

example from last week on other bosses as destruction was okish but still damage is low

can someone analize the logs and check what im doing wrong speically on this fight comparing to Pitibull,
most of the time my damage is half then his
we both kyrian and use the same legendaries

my armory:

Pitibull's armory

thanks 🙂

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