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Introducing my friend & I's attempt at better Hearthstone replays: SquadOV!

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Introducing SquadOV! Hi Icy-Veins!

TLDR: Want to be able to replay your sick plays and high rolls without having to remember when you pulled it off? Keep forgetting to turn on OBS to save clips for your highlight reel? Want to be able to see your Squad’s POV with the click of a button? Then SquadOV is 100% for you!

Check us out now at SquadOV.gg!

My friend Mike and I have been wanting a way to better (more smoothly and seamlessly) review each others’ VODs. The current options out there are either clunky, makes sharing POVs with friends difficult, or are missing key decision points (eg: discover options). That’s why we came up with SquadOV: our (humble) attempt to make sharing easier with friends and to ensure that no bit of information is missed when watching replays.

Also let us know of any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear what you think and how we could make this as good as it can be.

Here's a sneak peak: https://imgur.com/a/eX0lhZZ

And a short GIF of SquadOV in action: https://gfycat.com/delectablejampackedgeese

Summary of Features:

  • No need for other screen capturing software such as OBS! Records games automatically.
  • View your matches anywhere, anytime! Match History and VODs are stored online for free.
  • Saving match highlights from games has never been easier! Make a sick play? Re-watch it by clicking it on the event log. SquadOV will allow you to rewatch discover options and tavern offerings during battlegrounds.
  • Rating is recorded online after every game to make tracking progression easy! Automatically keep track of your Competitive Rating for Battlegrounds. No need to buy the tavern brawl pass to see your Battlegrounds match history!
  • Squad mode allows you to share and browse other users’ games within the same Squad! If you are both in the same game, the same game is synchronized to allow switching from one point of view to another with just a click of a button!


  • I installed SquadOV and it’s running. Now what? Hop into a game! It’ll automatically detect what game you’re playing and record in the background. You can change the record quality on the bottom left.

  • What's the difference between SquadOV and HSReplay / Firestone? Currently HSReplay and Firestone have post game stats but limited replay capability (for example battlegrounds and discover options are not captured). SquadOV keeps a clean VOD of the game play and syncs the match history to the VOD to allow you to go through replays much easier with defined events and timestamps. It also tracks personal rating on a per game basis.

  • Is this Mac compatible? Currently not but we do plan to in the future!

Thanks again guys and please let us know what you think 🙂

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