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[Monk] Exploding Palm - For Beginners

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The least gear dependant option for monks by far, is Exploding Palm. The build is based on Cyclone Strike grouping enemies on a mob that has the Exploding Palm debuff as it dies. It deals damage based on the max hp of your enemy rather than your gear. 


Recommended Abilities

Exploding Palm - The Flesh is Weak

Cyclone Strike - [rune of choice, i like Implosion]

Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing



Exalted Soul


(Not much is required to try this build, but if you enjoy it the following helps)

Beneficial gear

The Fist of Az'Turrasq - increase the on death explosion to 75-100% of an enemy's hp


Beneficial stats

Resource Cost Reduction

Damage to Elites


Use CS at key moments only, you want to conserve spirit for getting about 4 mobs marked with palm when one is ready to explode. Pull a group in and palm one to get it to take more damage than the rest. Your primary spirit generator should be something that will splash a decent amount of damage to nearby enemies. I recommend Way of the Hundred Fists: Fists of Fury. As your primary target gets near death try to palm an elite, then multiple injured mobs around the elite and pop the group. You do not always need to directly harm an elite. Let the many kill the few. if one elite remains on the verge of death, see if you can kite them to a nearby group.


There is no damage limit on the EP detonation. If you get a good roll on the legendary fist weapon, you will only have to kill one elite out of the pack to get them all to just vanish. It's a fun time.


In low torment, high speed groups, there is no need for sweeping wind. just palm things and group them up. The spirit generation of Air Ally for speed runs is surprisingly useful.


Monk is a unique class, and most high torment players come to one of 3 conclusions as far as gear goes. Some decide to be a more traditional tank and focus on buffs and grouping with Cyclone Strike. This is called a Pull Monk.


Lightning Monks get any gear they can with lightning damage modifiers and use Lashing Tail Kick with Scorpion Sting rune. This is popular because it causes a lot of crowd control with stuns from LTK and knockup from Deadly Reach: Scattered Blows. I think a lot of players over-value the buff & damage from fire ally and undervalue the damage & utility of Serenity: Unwelcome Disturbance. 


Fire Monks decide to go fire once theyve gotten a useable Cindercoat. Cindercoat reduces the resource cost of fire skills and buffs fire damage. They also need Magefist gloves, The Burning Axe of Sankis, Strongarm Bracers (mostly for the knockback damage boost but also with a fire affix) and the Gyana Na Kashu spirit stone. This particular stone doesnt come with damage buffs like Andy's Visage, but the fireball proc secondary on the helm is a large dps gain. Once they have a decent amount of the mandatory gear the strongest part of their build is the interaction between LTK or Tempest Rush and Epiphany.


Epiphany is an interesting ability that duplicates attacks as fire damage. This player uses a very rare gearset combined with a unique build that has no direct spirit generator to clear t4 rifts very quickly.


There are many optoins for monk and cookie cutter builds are far from mandatory. Explore each talent and rune and try to find what you enjoy playing. If you can speed clear one torment level, but dont have fun, keep in mind there are many other options available. finding the right difficulty setting so that you can play in the style you want to play will get you more rifts cleared in the end vs burning out on a min/max playstyle and quitting the game.

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