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[Monk] One with Everything Explained

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One with Everything is a very powerful skill. it's so helpful that a lot of people complain that it's too needed.


It functions by taking your highest Single Resist and adding it to your All Resist to get your new All Resist total. 


It doesnt matter what you pick as your single resist to stack, although some items do have fixed single resists, but for example i picked Lightning. I have 773 Lightning resist, and I have 340 All resist. This gives me a total of 1113 All Resist when I have the OwE passive.


Keep in mind if a piece of gear has a single resist secondary you cannot roll all resist as a primary and vice versa. (except on a few legendaries which was probly an accident)


For maximum defensive gear you would have your resist as a secondary and Armor as a primary.


It is also important to consider that your toughness value in game is inflated by vitality. In my gear I have a toughness rating of 7 million with a max hp pool of 280k and 9k armor and 1113 AR. I consider myself much tougher than someone with a toughness rating of 10 million who has less than 4k armor and less than 500 AR.


a very comfortable mark for anything t3 or below is 7k armor and 1000 AR. I've gone as high as 1600 AR and you do become very tough at that point, but if you dont have the dps to back it up the game can kind of drag on and it really isnt worth never dying.

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