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A loss of faith: Help an old healer out?

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I'm returning form an 8 year hiatus after finally getting into a situation where I have the funds to spare. Needless to say, things are very different from way back in the days a dranai paly could solo ice crown.

I'm trying to get back into healing, which is still my favorite roll to play, but for some reason, I've been having a really rough time shaking off all that rust. Naturally, as a healer, you need some party play but as of late, grouping up to level in dungeons just hasn't been working out like it used to. I feel my disc priest hasn't been outputting a HPS high enough to be considered "good" despite my adjusting tactics between encounters, and having time to really dig in an analyze on the go isn't really an option with public groups. Meanwhile all my friends who convinced me to get back into the game are so far ahead of me, it just doesn't feel right to ask them to start all over again for my sake.

Just to be clear, this isn't a question on why I'm not doing well, more-so a question on how to break into things.

Any advice on how I could work on growing as a disc priest, WITHOUT dragging others down would be appreciated.

lvl 28 Vulpera disc on horde, lvl 16 disc worgen on alliance

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I feel you, I'm a returning player as well, though my hiatus wasn't that long. 

Anyway, I still feel like everyone I know is a lot further along that I am. 

I don't think levelling through dungeons is the way to go any more, at least not as disc. I never managed either. If you want to continue levelling through dungeons, I'd suggest you give holy a go instead of disc, as it's a more responsive healing spec rather than be pre-emptive and seems less gear dependent. 

Personally, I levelled questing while sticking to the main story campaign quests as those seemed the most interesting and fun to do. I avoided the grinding ones myself.

Even at level 60, I stick to holy. I've read that disc is supposed to top holy, but while I do my daily quests, Thorgast & the Maw stuff as disc, I heal as holy. I can't get the HPS output as disc, though it could be me. I'm getting a bit older I suppose, maybe disc is for youths ;)

And you're totally right, most PUG groups just rush through everything. It's something that bothers me too, but it always seems to be the case. I wouldn't hesitate to ask your friends though, even if they're ahead, I'm sure they don't mind helping out. I wouldn't mind personally.



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