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Which Classes scale best with higher ilvl?

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Hi Community,

every year it is the same. People try to find out, what is the actual best class and never really find a answer, which is correct for a longer time, because of buffs, nerfs, new content and more...

But there is one thing, that shows us very early in a expansion, which class will be better and which class will be worth in the end of an expansion: scaling!

Last years for example it was the warrior, who was always bad at the beginning of an expansion and became better to the end, because it sclaes better with higher item level.

If you have a look, at the last week rankings, we can see very early, that positions change, although there weren't any significant buffs or nerfs. For example the ww monk became one of the top dps in the last weeks. is it also because of better scaling with ilvl?


So: What is your forecast for the later expansion, which DPS/heal/tank will be at the top, because they scale best with higher ilvl?

Sure, it is not possible, to make a clear forecast, because we dont know the coming content or class balncings. But what if blizzard wont change anything about classes?

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