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Rogue Order Hall Mount

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Hey rogue players - I'm struggling with the last part of gaining the order hall mount <Hiding In Plain Sight>.  I have watched a number of vids regarding this topic and they all make it look easy.  Given that most of these vids are pre-dating 2018,  I was wondering if anything has changed.  My problem is that, after initiating 'stealth' I walk down the first ramp and find a guard on either side of this ramp.  I try to avoid them by slipping half way between them, but I get 'sprung' instantly. Is there another spell I am supposed to trigger in order for me to get past the pvp's.  In the vids I have watched, there is no mention of another spell being used and they walk close to these pvp's without incident.  I have given it a go several times but nothing works. Help on this topic would be much appreciated.

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