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Need advise on my SP.

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Hello guys,

I need your advice on my very average dps, in Raid to begin with. I'm ilvl 206 at the moment, and i think i don't dps much compared to other classes with similar ilvl. I usually dps between 3.4 and 3.7K on a boss where there is no big move required, which is far from being excellent.

wow armory link to my character: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/marécage-de-zangar/qannan

Let's take the example of this fight against Altimor: https://fr.warcraftlogs.com/reports/z1cZkafKb43RjJQt/#fight=7&type=damage-done

Some guys with equivalent or lower ilvl do dps much better as you can see.

Regarding talents: fortress of mind / body and soul / twist of fate / auspicious spirits / void torrent / hungering void.

Regarding the equipment:

- I play venthyrs with Nadjia in raid. I have dissonant echoes 200 at lvl 2 and haunting apparitions 184 at lvl7 of the conduits.

- I have the lvl 4 legendary item on gloves (the lvl 4 Eternal call to the void) . I don't have Talbadar's stratagem yet, which is said to be optimum for raid, since it's fairly recent that it is our new best for raiding. I should hopefully get it in 2 weeks.

- my trinkets are far from being optimum (i don't do pvp, so no 'sinful gladiator of alacrity' trinket)

Regarding the rotation:

- out of Void form: I do maintain VTouch and SW:P as much as possible, VTorrent, the pet (shadowfiend), mindgames when up

- I use PI before Void eruption, then VB, and 2 GCDs between each VB : DP as a priority when up, MB when up and if insanity not capped, and Mind flay as a filler when no CD is up.

So, apart from getting a better trinket and a decent right hand weapon, I'm not sure of what i could improve. Any idea, guys ? 😕

Thanks a lot in advance!


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