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Awesome All Covenant Druid Forms by Sercan Özyurt

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You may remember Sercan "Lordozy" Özyurt from his amazing run on Old God themed armor sets, and he hasn't been resting since then as he's been working on custom Druid forms for each of the Shadowlands Covenants!

We'll start with my Ember Court brothers, the Venthyr, as the Cat form may lose the move speed abilities, what with those fangs dragging across the ground:


We'll stay with the darker Covenants, as the Necrolords are all bone and... mushrooms?


As you'd expect, the whole project started with the Night Fae, who are the mos logical and perfect fit for new Druid forms, and they have some truly impressive ones on show, with the tree looking particularly hot:


And finally it's the Kyrian, who went for a more armored look, and a more mohawked tree:


You can check out all if the above in different tints and a lot more detail over at Sercan's Artstation.

And in closing, here's one of the Old God themed armor sets from before, just because they're so amazing:


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4 hours ago, Aernath said:

Awesome works again!
Very impressive, really, also always productive and hard working ^^ 

Not a fan of his work, even if some concepts are hard working but the last Tier concepts doesn't sparkle hard working to me, slapping some ugly colors here and there.


I,m fine that people create concepts like these, but we don't have to agree that they're all nice looking.

I happen to find it not so good looking, albeit he did some hard work on this but there are better concept art around.

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I think we can all agree that Druids need more love in the xmog department. Most of us spend 90% of our gameplay in a form of some kind would be nice to have a lot more options. Legions Artifacts are pretty much it outside of the defaults, fire kitty is nice and I do still enjoy blazing through Azeroth, but we need more none class specific xmog options.

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If we got that I'd switch from Night Fae to Kyrian in a hearthbeat just for the steward moonkin form.

Edited by Valhalen

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2 hours ago, Valhalen said:

If we got that I'd switch from Night Fae to Kyrian in a hearthbeat just for the steward moonkin form.

For sure

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