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Enhance - Purified Bindings of Immerseus

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My shammy has had a storied adventure through SoO. I started as Ele, then switched to resto(main spec) for the guild. We only have 1 hunter that raids with us and our rogue mostly uses dagger so i have gotten myself a decent enhance set.


I was wondering if Binding are viable to use till i get a Haromm's Talisman? I do have a sigil of Rampage, should i use that instead of bindings??


here is my Armory, let me know what u guys think. I have switched to Primal ele and was also wondering if i should glyph that too.




Edit: My other trinket is AoC.

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The Bindings are absolutely viable, simply for the Amplification alone.  I would easily use it over the Cleave trinket, but not over any other Agi LFR/Flex/Norm trinket.  


Try to get your hands on a Flex or LFR Ticking Ebonator from Siegecrafter, or Haromm's from Dark Shamans!


If you're using Elemental Mastery, you almost always want the glyph of Fire Ele on as well.  That way, EM lines up well with Fire Ele, and you can even bind them together.  Holding Elemental Mastery for Fire Ele, especially when you're using PE, will most likely be a pretty good DPS gain.

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