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Trouble soloing with my Warrior in Thread of Fate

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So I have leveled every class except Warrior and decided to level one.  Soloing Fury and leveling strictly with questing as I do not do dungeons anymore.  Have had no problem staying alive until I hit 50 and decided to do Thread of Fate method.  I have read this may be slower than standard storyline, but my problem is I am dying a lot! I have never had problem with other classes, so I feel very foolish.  Any suggestions on what I may be missing.  Was killing it all the way up - very rare for me to die prior to this.  I know this is an awfully open request, but am very frustrated at the moment.  My gear is not that great as it is strictly quest reward, but that has been standard for all my classes.  Thanks ahead



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Make sure you are using Ignore Armor, don't forget to interrupt - with both Pummel & spec for Storm Bolt (Stun) - and use spell reflection as often as possible when fighting casters.  make use of your Shouts as well.  Commanding Shout raises your health by 26%, which is basically a quick heal.  Snare & Fear come in VERY handy. Your only try choice for Covenant should be Venthyr, for Condemn - a replacement of the Execute spell.  Try this out for your Priority of Attack Spells:

Rampage > Condemn > Bloodthirst > Raging Blow 

On CD cast Bladestorm/Dragon Roar and Recklessness.  BS or DR is your choice while leveling.  BS is good for 3 or more mobs while DR can be used on CD for 1 or more mobs.

REMEMBER, this is a key component for Fury Warrior and the most important part of the class.  WHIRLWIND.  Whirlwind makes your NEXT TWO single target attacks hit up to 4 mobs.  

So your actual rotation will always be Whirlwind, Spell, Spell, Whirlwind, Spell, Spell, Whirlwind, Spell, Spell

The reason I have Bloodthirst as your 3rd Spell vs Raging Blow is due to the healing factor.  It heals you for 3% each time it's cast, so while leveling it's useful higher in the priority.  Once you hit 60, swap those two spells.  Don't forget to use Victory Rush on CD once it's available (after a kill) as it heals for quite a bit - 20% of your max health.

Once you get use to using all of your tools, this class is incredibly versatile and has an incredible amount of self healing.

Feel free to message me on Discord with any questions.  Porthos#0202

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The Fury warrior is equipped to handle a wide variety of situations, be sure to use your entire toolkit!

  • Ignore Pain
  • Victory Rush/Impending Victory
  • Enraged Regeneration 
  • Pummel
  • Rallying Cry
  • Spell Reflect

These must be on your bar and must be used. It's better to keep big ones on cooldown than to never use them.

Use Victory Rush as it procs, especially when you are 75% health or below. Chaining Victory Rush is easy in packs; once you kill an enemy, swap to the next enemy with the lowest health, Victory Rush, Execute, and repeat. 

Ignore Pain has a high rage cost for Fury, but using it with leftover rage before charging into the next fight is a good way to mitigate some initial damage.

Use Enraged Regeneration with Bloodthirst OFF cooldown, preferably right before you take a big hit. The buff does not last long, so you want to immediately be able to use Bloodthirst in order to fit multiple buffed heals into the window.

Rallying Cry is a good emergency button and can be buffed with a conduit to essentially be a group Healthstone on a 3 minute cooldown.

Pummel and Spell Reflect will save your life and instantly change your odds in a fight.

Talents can help you a lot:

  • War Machine: Keeps you moving and the extra rage generation allows you to spend some on Ignore Pain more frequently. 
  • Fresh Meat: Alternative to the above, this talent enrages you with every new target hit - combined with level 35 talent Warpaint, you can easily maintain the 10% damage reduction when facing multiple enemies by target swapping to a new enemy every time you need to refresh Enrage.
  • Impending Victory: Big time lifesaver button the in the open world (and elsewhere, especially with conduit pairing). Allows you to use Victory Rush BEFORE killing an enemy and resets the cooldown once you do kill one. It's good if you have trouble getting to your "first" Victory Rush on pulls.
  • Massacre: With enemy health pools lower in the open world, you can often accidently miss your Execute window. Massacre allows you to use your hard hitting ability earlier in combat, finishing enemies quicker so you can use Victory Rush more. Very potent when combined with Venthyr ability Condemn.
  • Warpaint: See Fresh Meat (above).
  • Frothing Berserker: More rage = more survivability
  • Meat Cleaver: Rolling a Whirlwind into a 5-target chain of four harder hitting abilities (especially when you are in Execute on your primary) is a good way to melt packs quicker. Look to chain Victory Rush in these moments.

For open world content, the Kyrian can help you stay alive through the vial  your Steward gives you (health potion with debuff removal) and the spear gives you extra ways to manage enemies.

Night Fae also has a strong ability for open world, especially since you control where enemies will line up so there's much less chance they will leave the AOE. The chance of knockdown it provides could also help you with packs of enemies. The soul shift will get you out of tricky situations.

In the open world, the Necrolord banner won't do a lot for you in it's current state. Fleshcraft is strong but the 2m CD isn't that handy if you want to keep moving.

Venthyr are where most warriors go, but their main concern is damage output - the additional up-front execute phase via Condemn (which replaces Execute) from 100-80% is a great way to rip into enemies early. With higher gear levels, you may see yourself going from high health Condemn immediately into a low health Condemn as you cleave off chunks of health.



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