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Mitigating Movement DPS

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Hey, check out the balance druid page on Mitigating Movement DPS.

If you know there is movement coming in the coming seconds, do your best to hold 30 Astral Power so you can move and cast a Starsurge Icon Starsurge.

For single-target, you should practice what is called "Astral Power pooling" or "Astral Power floating". This is where you purposefully do not use Starsurge Icon Starsurge until you have a large amount of Astral Power saved up. This way, when you need to move, you have enough Astral Power to cast at least two Starsurges, giving you about 2 seconds of movement without any penalty to your DPS.

Is this still accurate? I feel like with Balance of All Things it is so important to pool Astral Power to cast Starsurges at the start of a eclipse. I feel like its better so just overcast Moonfire and Sunfire, refreshing the dots even at non-optimal times. What do you think?

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