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Disk/Holy Priest vs Malkorok HM

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Hi, guys.

While I'm not a priest by myself, I would like to ask for help for my fellow priest healer on Malkorok HM.

We were trying 2-healing it for a long time - myself resto shaman and disc priest - no joy.

We tried to respec him to Holy yesterday and 3-heal the fight - just the same. Both priest and paladin assigned people die due to lack of shields.


I would appreciate a lot some help for our disc/holy priest.





Logs 2-heal (resto sham+disc priest)



Logs 3-heal (resto sham+holy priest+holy pala) 


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ok first holy

his talents are a bit off. i suggest picking up From Darkness, Comes Light, for the free flash heals. Spectral Guise is more of a pvp talent,

i would suggest getting rid of  Glyph of Inner Sanctum and picking up eather  Glyph of Circle of Healing or Glyph of Prayer of Mending. Glyph of Circle of Healing has a slight edge becasue it heals 6 people to prayer of mending 4( even with extra 60% first tick) but eather would work.

i counted 10 pure intel gems. at this point he should not be gemming to pure intel.

the stats should be Intellect;> Spirit;> Haste Rating (until the soft cap);> Critical Strike Rating;> Mastery Rating.

it look like right now he is using the 25 man build.  Mastery Rating;> Critical Strike Rating; >Haste Rating.

would suggest replacing the Toxic Tornado Treads i suggest overriding the Socket Bonus

looking at the 3 man the holy priest is still playing like it disc. Power Word: Shield should never be used as a holy priest. for disc it should be on the tank and when it get off the mana is given back to the priest but not for holy. \

this priest dose not really use circle of healing that much he can use it ( on your 6 min wipe) the priest could have used it 60 times. but only 29 times

the Prayer of Mending usage is all over the place some time it high some time is low. ( used 17 time on your 6.03 min wipe and 40 times on your 5.58 wipe)

"We tried to respec him to Holy yesterday" that might have been your major issues if he not use to playing holy( normal disc) the rotation can cause people issues. and based on the logs that what i think is going on.

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ok disc.

Glyph of Prayer of Mending is good for disc priest because of how many time they should be tossing it out.

Spirit > Intellect > Crit > Mastery > Haste  pushing as much crit as they can for disc. not sure if he or she reforged to disc or holy but it look like it some where in the middle.

should not be gemming to pure intel and for disc 15k spirit is way to high.

his Penance usage is extremely low. that kind of the bread and butter spell for disc. i have found times that he dose not use it more then 2 times.

i think what you guy need to do is pick a spec and have him play it. that will help you in the long run

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You should be able to 2 heal the encounter. Especially if the co-healer is a resto shaman.


Discipline has its advantages on most fights, but this is a fight where holy really shines. In the end however, letting him play the spec he's most comfortable playing will likely yield a better result than forcing him into either. And disc is quite competent for Malkorok since DA, PWS and SS all have priority over the ancient barrier.


If your guy decides to go holy, he should start focusing more on haste. In 570 gear you should be able to hit the 18230 haste cap, not just the 4721.


If he decides to go disc, he should try to lower his spirit and lose the 4pc. There is no point in keeping it for 10m, and even for 25m it's sketchy.


Whatever he decides, there is absolutely no point to gem red at this stage in the game. For discipline you want Potent in red, misty in blue and smooth in yellow. For holy you generally want to reach the haste cap and then get all the spirit you can.


Similarly the Nazgrim trinket is absolutely terrible for both healing specs. Sha and Siegecrafter are BiS for disc, any version of Siegecrafter is better than it. Sha and Thok or Sha and siegecrafter are BiS for holy.


Now, the logs:


He generally performs well. Atonement is not good on this fight compared to PoH, which he uses more. The only thing to note is that penance could be used more. Offensive Penance is still worth casting on cooldown. His uptime on Archangel is low. You should be able to hit at least 40%, ideally 50%+. He has 26% across all wipes.


I'm not going to bother looking deeper into all of these wipes, if there was one that went particularly well, point it out.


On a sidenote, warcraftlogs(with advanced logging enabled) is a much better analytical tool than WoL.

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One thing that really helps Disc and Holy tremendously on this fight, is to have at least 1 tank or melee in each group. They are likely within 30 yards range of the rest. This make PoH more effective. Prayer of Healing & DA should be the top 2 heals for Disc.


Vuhdo has an option to show healing clusters, so (s)he can always pick the target where PoH will hit at least 4 players.

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Most raid frames have cluster finders. And they are indeed incredibly useful!


If you're using Grid, you need to install the addon called GridStatusPriestAeo, if you using Grid2, you need to enable the aoe-healing module that comes with it and add it to an indicator. VuhDo has it under General --> Scanners for configuration and Panel --> Indicators for the actual icon. If you're using ElvUI there is ElvUI PriestAeo that adds the functionality to ElvUI's raid frames.


I don't know about healbot, but I imagine it has something similar.

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I'm stuck in this boss and go for the 110 attempts without reaching phase 2 with everyone alive sad.png


It's so frustrating as a healer not know what else to try, I've tried as Sacred as Discipline.


The only advantage I see to the discipline is the shield with plus speed, barrier + Pain Suppression, and the pre-stack of SS before you start the fight.


I use "Fade" with the glyph for a reduction of 10% damage, which added to a shield to help me go through an orb without dying.


5 days in the same boss, is by far our worst enemy angry.png

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A couple of observations to anyone out there interested. I raid with three healing classes, resto shaman (25 man, Disheveled@Lightbringer), disc priest (10 man, Predestined@Duskwood) & resto druid (pugs, Deciduously@Duskwood).  I am glad that pre-spiritshelling seems to be recommended, and it was also my sense that atonement heals, while smart heals, aren't 'intelligent' heals on Malkorok or heroic Malkorok in the sense that I think they still target low health, not low shields, which is useful immediately after someone takes damage but not so useful in getting shields back to green.  Right now we're attempting to two heal heroic Malkorok with a holy pally and a disc priest, and we're struggling. 


As for the strength of holy on heroic Malkorok, I'm wondering if it really is that strong. Bear with me. I healed reg Malkorok on my poorly geared resto druid the other night and pulled over 200 k with a minimum of effort. Using the same healing style on reg Spoils, it came in around 90 k.  It's my sense that on Malkorok, the healing meters are recording every tick on every person that's below 100%, which would also be why you'd tend to see holy priests/resto druids with low overhealing on this fight.  That doesn't mean that every tick is actually useful, but I don't thing your typical recount/skada configuration distinguishes between heals to shields and regular heals that can't actually ever heal because of the health 'freeze' mechanic until bloodrage.  I can see where guardian spirit would be an extremely useful cd for keeping the tanks up during the blood rage, but our monk tank seems to have a total handle on maintaining his health during that phase without resorting to guardian spirit. 


Two questions on heroic Malkorok mechanics if anyone cares to help. I've personally noticed that when a void spawns on an area with an orb, the orb tends to pop when the void goes off. So my sense is that players need an extra damage absorb (bubble, damage reduction cd, etc) if they stand in a void like that.  Can anyone out there confirm/deny?


Secondly, we have a frost mage that's using cauterize on the fight. My understanding of the talent description is that mechanics causing damage that would result in death reduce the mage to half health with the amount of damage that would have been taken ticking as a dot on the mage for 6 seconds after. And we'll be spamming her with heals for long periods of time but her shields are always red.  It's my sense that each time she invokes cauterize, each dot tick is removing the ancient barrier that our heals are trying to create, leaving us unable to focus on anyone but her for the full six seconds it's ticking. Am I understanding correctly, or is my line of reasoning flawed?

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I don't know about Recount, but Skada distinguishes between actual healing, healing that's absorbed and overhealing.


Ancient Miasma causes all healing on you to go towards the shield(except for absorbs). Those shields are capped 100% of your health, but the shield 'goes green' at about 80% of its total potential. Any healing done to targets that have 100% of the shield capped will count as overhealing and if you look through you log on WCL you will see that your heals do overheal during AM. Here's an example from our last kill:




I zoomed in on the period from 0:10 to 1:53 which means this was during AM before Blood Rage. And as you can see, both Halo and PoH overhealed. This means that your heals will do overhealing.


You have to remember there is a lot to heal on Malkorok. AM on its own will cause 40k damage to everyone every 2 seconds for an effective 200k DTPS, factor in people standing in orbs, soaking puddles there is quite some damage incoming.


Orbs in a puddle are only popped if you walk into them and since you can stand even at the very edge of the puddle to soak it, that shouldn't be much of an issue.


Regarding your mage the dot from cauterize should take away from the shield, not remove it just like it would with proper absorbs.

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I healed reg Malkorok on my poorly geared resto druid the other night and pulled over 200 k with a minimum of effort. Using the same healing style on reg Spoils, it came in around 90 k. 

I wouldn't compare the healing between Malkorok and Spoils.

On Malkorok your raid takes constant damage that varies from moderate to very high. You always has something to heal in this fight. While on Spoils, if raid DPS is normal (even no need to be very good), there is almost nothing to heal, if your guys don't spawn bombs in the middle of the raid, enter Matter Scrambles and kill the sparks. In my 10-man I facerolling this fight with barely 35K HPS - just some HoTs here and there, in my 25-man we are 2 healers and it's the same faceroll with barely 50-60K HPS.

Malkorok and Spoils are incomparable fights for a healer due to their mechanic :)

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Ive healed 10HM and 25HM Malkorok as Disc and Holy.  Yes, Holy will have a higher HPS number but it doesn't mean that the difference in HPS makes Holy that same percent better than Disc at the encounter.  Both specs are very viable and having additional shields from Disc above what Ancient Barrier can offer can be a life saver.  I play a PoH heavy style for this encounter on 25 and 10 versions.  Here are my logs from a 10HM kill where my healing partner was a Paladin. Disc and Holy respectively:


WCL 10HM Malkorok: Gwen - Discipline


WCL 10HM Malkorok: Gwen - Holy


Both of these logs are 2 Healed with a Holy Paladin.  Overhealing is definitely possible and logged, even more so if you are healing w/ an absorb class.  My overhealing is atrocious on both logs..... I'll pass on blaming myself (per the usual) and chalk it up to an excellent healing counterpart  smile.png


I'll back-up Steve and reiterate that an Orb in a Puddle can be avoided and not explode.

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