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Need Help with Dungeon Rotation

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Hi All,

I have been running into issues surrounding shifting power causing aggro to enemies in dungeons. I'm not sure what I can do to combat this as I'm trying to maximize my overall dps. Thanks in advance!

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Are you aggroing mobs that you don't want to pull? Or are you jumping into the middle of the pull and casting shifting power? If the tank doesn't have all mob aggro, you should wait a few seconds until they do before you cast it. Or use Alter Time before you move to mobs then cast your AoE. At the end of Alter Time, you'll be ported back - usually at max health (if that's where you started).

When I do this I usually shield >> alter time >> rune of power >> shifting power >> arcane explosion a few times >> invisibility if I get too much aggro but with a good tank you shouldn't need to.

The problem I run in to with shifting power is that the mobs that leave puddles of death start damaging me like the ones in Torghast or Sanguine mythic + affix dungeons, etc. Shifting power I think is sort of a weird spell for our class since we're not doing AoE all the time but it does some nice damage when you can find a good time to use it.

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