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WW -> BrM, what should I change?

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Hello ppl, I'm here today as a WW monk trying to get into BrM, and I'm trying to set my gear up right.


I'll be doing strictly 10m for now as BrM, how do you think my current gear will fair in hc? http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Danl%C3%B3l/advanced


What you see on my char is pretty much all the gear I have. I do have normal BrM tier for chest, legs and shoulders so I can possibly start using the 2 piece, but not sure if it's worth dropping 580/574 pieces for 553 items (won't have the vp to upgrade it).


Also I'm pretty convinced I should be going straight crit for 10m hc but clarification on that would be good too.


Is this setup viable or are there a lot of item swaps I need to make first?

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Your setup seems pretty good, and I wouldn't drop too much for 2pc.


Obviously your gemming would change from pure Agi to Agi/Crit or pure Crit.  You can probably drop more haste; I used to like running around 6k, but some people run even lower.  The meta is really valuable, especially in the mid to later heroics, so I'd swap that out immediately as well.


I'd also recommend running the 15% expertise cap, so you get truly fluid Chi gen.


I personally really like Crit builds, but if you find you're taking too much damage, you could try out a Mastery build.  I know several monks that use that in 25ms.

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