Undead Hunter, Please help!

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Hello there :)
I've been hunting far and wide, looking for some transmogifications to go with my chosen set, and i'm not having much luck, so i've went far enough to open an account and ask the questions that need to be asked.

I Play an Undead hunter (odd choice huh?)
My undead hunter, i want him to Look, like an undead hunter,
So i chose my favorite set from WOTLK Naxx,
Valorous Crytstalker.

There is one Major problem with valorous crytstalker gear.

i'm having a terrible time finding a cloak, and a weapon transmog to suit.

I've searched all over the interwebs. wowhead, everything from knowledge that i can remember from my long experiences with the game, and now i turn to you, the people :)

Here is an armory link to my huntard
(using UC Tabard for rep)

Please, any suggestions would be amazing. 

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Great suggestions, but i also want the weapon to tie in with my armour mog, if you get what i mean
Something that looks complete, yet follows the Forsaken Hunter Theme
The Accursed bow i'm definatly putting on my "Get it now" list though :)

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