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I recently discovered this site, my wife and i play together casually on Xbox and have completed our season 22 sets and then some.  I’m looking at some wizard builds and i notice that the button assignments that are suggested aren’t doable because many times there are two abilities assigned to a different button (appears to be pc) but on console the two abilities are under the same button.  Are the options different on console as compared to pc? Do these guides go out the window because of that for console players?  

sorry if this is completely obvious and has been discussed before, I’m genuinely curious. 

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I play on PC so I'm not familiar with the console controls. But on PC, if you go into Options -> Gameplay, there's an option under "Interface" called "Elective Mode". If you turn that on, you can place skills where you want them on the action bar, allowing you to take more than one skill from a category. I'm guessing it's available on console as well, since you need to be able to do this for most builds.

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