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Would like some help reviewing logs

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Hey, I signed up to the site in the hopes that I could get some advice on where I can improve in my warrior play.


Here is my armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Vecayse/advanced


Here are the logs: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-vny1oaz7lg3glqab/


Note at the time of the log my ilvl was 569 I had normal Malk necklace and normal shamans ring instead of the seal.


Would also like to hear how I'm doing compared to the other warriors in the group


Thanks in advance!

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Damn, sorry, I totally forgot about you. 


You're the one that's best placed to compare yourself against the other warriors in your group. You know what gear you have, you know what gear they have, and you see how they do right before your eyes. You can easily compare if the damage distribution among the abilities used is similar, or if the damage delta between you and them is bigger than what the gear delta would suggest.


Looking at the logs, I don't see anything horrible. Your ability usage seems fine, though it's hard to assert the CS phases on worldoflogs (warcraftlogs makes that much easier). Your BT usage could probably be a bit higher, but you're still maintaining 85%+ enrage uptime, so it's nothing dramatic. Same goes for RB and SB. You wasted 3 RB charges, which isn't ideal, and had 1 missed use of Stormbolt. They're not major things, but they're all small things you could improve.


Overall, you seem to be doing quite good.


Hope this helps, 



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Thanks a lot for taking a look at the logs. I'll keep on trying to improve my BT usage. I've been told another thing I can improve on is my usage of Berserker stance.

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