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Disc priest help

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Hello guys, glad to be here with everyone. site is great, nice work done!

i have a disc priest and had stopped playing wow for quite a while, since TOT appeared. started 2 months ago and now i'm raiding full content, or at least trying to. my disc priest is 563ilvl


i have tried one or 2 things in reforging etc and didn't work out as i thought it would.

before i do these reforges i didn't sacrifice any of my spirit at all, and i had reforged some of my mastery to crit. that way i had 2% less crit, a bit less mastery and 14k spirit.

thought that that is way too much so i reforged it to crit since i thought it didn't help me in anything. that way i thought i would have more mastery and a bit more crit.

now i think i'm doing something wrong, from what i see in skada meters cause i'm not as high as i thought i would be. when i was about 558 ilvl i had about 120-150k healing usually, depending on the fight ofc and i though i was low and i should be doing much more. now i am doing even less with better gear and i don't know what's up.

my usual ''rotation is: at the start of the fight i usually try to raise evangelism stacks so i get the healing boost, then i use the evangelism and do inner focus, spirit shell, power infusion and start spamming prayer of healing until the duration of the spirit shell is off(15sec) if ofc there is gonna be any incoming aoe damage. then i continue spamming smite and power word solace and use power word shield mainly on tanks, do mending whenever i can and use prayer of healing and cascade when i see damage taken. when i see no damage taken i spamm smite etc, use evangelism ofc at every cd. try to check timers at fight for the spirit shell usage etc.

i don't have a problem in fight, it's just the numbers i see and i think i'm inadequate cause there should be more than that!

is something wrong with my rotation or my gear?

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Advanced link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Euterp%C3%B0/advanced




11k spirit is too much IMO, but it's not heinous. 

Int enchant to wrist. 

Thok trinket is making me sadface.  LFR+Flex Blackfuse every week and try to get his trinket.  PPP and Samophlange are the only two trinkets you should be using.

Get rid of the renew glyph.  You really shouldn't ever be using renew more than once or twice a fight if you have nothing else to cast and you're moving.

Get the minor glyph of sha shadowfiend (kinda removes the GCD needed to cast shadowfiend.)

T15 should probably be roots.  It's the only talent that's usable on any SoO boss encounters.

T60 should be Desperate Prayer.  Learn to use it effectively and it will serve you far better than Bulwark.

T75 should usually be Twist of Fate.

If you want extra credit, pick up angel feathers as well, T30.




It sounds like you're just using Shell on cooldown.  You can certainly do this on a couple fights, but on other fights it's just padding the meters. 

I didn't hear anything about Penance.  Shoot it at the boss on cooldown unless the raid is taking non-negligible damage.

Logs please.  It's hard to say what, if anything, you're doing wrong without some.


By the way, you should know that spirit shell only lasts 10 seconds lol

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first glyph of renew is pointless for a disc priest. Glyph of Penance it all most a must have for disc.

Twist of Fate is a bit better over all then Power Infusion


i think you put way to much in to mastery. your at 42% to your cit 29% it been suggested that crit is better then mastery i would suggest pushing your crit higher and see if that help.

were you at one point holy?

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did a garrosh kill just now and had change power infusion with twist of fate and saw some difference.

for the penance spell you asked, i use it quite a lot, not at every cd but often, but mainly on players to heal them up. tank for example and when i see someone from 50-80%. lower than that is a flash heal.

for the trinket to tell you the truth i was a bit unlucky and bored to do flex every week too. i hope i get it in my normal run next week. else  i will try flex and lfr too. this trinket is a must i know and that one i am holding now is the worst for disc priests. glyph of renew doesn't help me much, i know. i 'll put penance glyph.

about logs, if it is possible tell me how to post a log cause i haven't done it before.

i'm playing disc only for the last expansion. all these years since tbc i was holy. hate that damage/healing thing disc has cause i believe healers are supposed to heal, not stop healing to damage but anyway he is a very good healer in many circumstances so...

mainly i did disc on the start of pandaria cause holy was nerfed like hell!

as for the last post, mastery is a lot, y i know and i would like to have more crit, but from the items i got i can't find anything else to do to get rid of some mastery to gain crit. only if i change gear.

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In reference to your healing output being lower in higher gear, it's not an impossible situation.  As your group becomes more familiar w/ the fight, ideally they will take less damage from the avoidable sources.  Higher gear levels also provide more health. More health reduces the amount of spam healers have to do.   A 80% faded green bar(or whatever color scheme you use) at 700k hp doesn't require the same attention a 90% green bar at 500k does.


Just to play devils advocate.  If you don't enjoy the play style of Disc as much as Holy...  Holy is a strong spec when played correctly and you won't have to spend an arm and a leg to change gear between the two (gems/reforge/etc).  Play what makes the game more enjoyable and become a master of that spec  smile.png  Holy is just grossly under represented on Raidbots/Logs/etc and oh yeah.. a Walking Dead cast member could play a Disc priest infinitely better than the same brain dead Holy Priest.

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.... now i am doing even less with better gear and i don't know what's up.

On a side note a thing that also influences your healing is the other healer(s) in your group. As they get better and adapt to the fights they will take their share of the healing needed. Combined with the less dmg taken by the raid as experience grows and the shorter fights the overall healing needed and thereby your healing will fall (as Gwenymph pointed out).

So don't worry it's probably a good sign (as long as you kill the boss) smile.png

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