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Ironforge and Gates of Orgrimmar Recreated in Valheim

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Here come some more crazy Valheim creations, with F3Rs showing off two projects at different points of progress, with Ironforge (minus the actual inside part) and the gates of Orgrimmar get remade!

The Dwaven capital is looking particularly impressive, despite missing its innards, but it definitely took a lot of effort to build, even using the True Creative Mode mod. Here's a quick look at the current project state and a longer video going over how it was built:


Orgrimmar is quite a bit less impressive, even if it is just the gates:

It's always great to see WoW spread into other games, and it seems whenever a building game comes out, it will receive it dose of Azeroth eventually!

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The graphics in Valheim are actually pretty low, way lower than in WoW. What they are is more realistic.

They look pretty good from afar, as you can see in the first screen, but tou get any closer and burst goes the bubble.

val 1.png

val 2.png

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1 hour ago, FireLordJohn said:

I wish we could have WoW with this level of graphics. 

You're basically asking for a remake of the entire game, from Blizzard's custom internal engine to something like Unreal 4.

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On 3/15/2021 at 9:50 AM, SidonisAntares said:

You're basically asking for a remake of the entire game, from Blizzard's custom internal engine to something like Unreal 4.

I just said I wish. I didn't say Blizzard had to do it. It's called wishful thinking.

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20 hours ago, FireLordJohn said:

I just said I wish. I didn't say Blizzard had to do it. It's called wishful thinking.

A lot of people don't understand how large of an undertaking that would be, and you left it unclear as to whether you knew the amount of work involved in that or not. It was just a clarification for you and/or anyone else who reading this thread that might desire that without realizing the effort required.

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