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Typically with weapons, you want the higher ilvl regardless of the stats.


Although the stats are downright awful for MW, I'd go with the staff for the extra 2500 Spell Power and 300 Int.

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Its so hard for me to recommend using that staff.  I'm so downright picky and stubborn I wouldn't use it. (although since I raid heroic normally I typically never put myself in that situation)


To me, mastery is a dead stat. it wont help you.


So lets compare useful stats:

Staff MH/OH Difference
2000 int 626+1079 = 1705 int +295 intellect
11916 spell power 9439 spell power +2477 spell power
458 crit -485 crit
385+565 haste -950 haste


So since 2crit > 1int and int gives 1 sp + some crit, we can count the spell power essentially a little bit less than int.  So essentially we're getting over 2k int with this staff (but missing some crit that usually goes with it)


So is this upgrade worth it?  As much as I hate mastery and would never use it myself because I'm a stubborn bastard, I would say yes, make the switch because you're gaining a lot more raw healing power over the little bit of crit you would lose.


I would HIGHLY recommend revisiting this once you gain an upgraded version of the sword.  I would also recommend the Iron Juggernaut off hand over the Protectors one.

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I forgot to mention the gems. but I think the spellpower alone makes it worth it.  That is the only reason.  Usually in other pieces of gear, it would highly depend on how much int I'm really gaining.

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