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Mythic+ can never be balanced?

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People complain m+ doesn't reward your work but, as I see, you always get 2 pieces after finishing the run, even if you deplete the key and lust on every pack of mobs, you still get 2 pieces for a party of 5. Compared to raid that drops 4 pieces for 20 people, i don't know. 

Sure the ilvl you get is not higher than heroic raid but... 5 people, you can make a team of 5 in seconds and smash keys with normal rad gear or m0 gear, plus, raid is once a week, 10 bosses, while m+ is infinite. On average,a  run takes what, 30 minutes? so in theory, 70 minutes each 2 runs (10 of walking), compared to raid runs that can take couple hours and drop on average 0.25 items per player, to a 0.4 items per player given by M+ that is infinite. 

what's heroic gear worth in m+ for vault? m7... that's nothing, super easy, 30 minutes and you get a guaranteed drop herioc raid level .-. In BFA, you didn't need to heroic raid at all, never, or even normal as m0 gear was enough to do up to m5 that dropped normal raid level gear. 

With today's player mentality of rushing everything as soon as possible, one ponders; how to make this balanced? PvP has a cap as well for all I know, but M+? not at all, sure valor has a cap but, even without it, you can still farm m+ to no end

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