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How many druids do you have?

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So I'm pretty sure I'll end up maining my druid in the next few weeks. The problem is, all the specs are so fun (or have been in the past, it's been a year and a half since i last played so I can't speak for the state of the game right now) and we can only have one off spec. My question is, do you have multiple druids to cover your other specs/spec combos, or do you have one druid and just respec as you need to, aka you main feral/guardian, but you'll respec and go resto, etc? I guess the main pro to having one is gearing, since you wouldn't feel alt remorse for an agi weapon or something dropping while you were on your resto/boomie or whatever, and vice versa.

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I have one druid.  I only Resto/Boomkin at the moment, but if I took the time to actually try to get gear from my raids I could make 2 more sets for feral and guardian.  Right now, I didn't feel like do it this expansion so I just made it easy on myself and just stuck with two.


Back in cata, I sported 4 sets of gear Rest, Boomkin, Bear, and PVP resto (when changing talents was more of a pain in the ass than it is now).  That was an experience and the reason I picked up "ABS" (Action Bar Saver) which was absolutely needed for what i was doing.


If you have the means to gear multiple specs on one toon, thats what I would do.  Even more so with the upcoming changes in WoD with how raid lock outs will work.  the only reason you would have to sport multiple alts of druids would be if you plan on raiding Mythic several times as different specs.

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I have two - a Troll and a Night Elf, but I rarely play the Night Elf. And they are both Guardians with Feral offspec.

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I have 3.  Two are horde (Troll/Tauren) and the other is alliance (NE).


All of them are Feral with Guardian as OS.  I rarely play my outside of my main character though.....the others are there for farming purposes.

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One - Resto/Boomkin. Have a Feral/Guardian set that slowly upgrades as we get more crap we don't need dropping.

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Brundr Worgen 90 Guardian (Originally Towhol the Tauren)

Kælinn Worgen 85 Feral (Originally Twohol the Tauren)

Fjorynn Worgen 35 Balance

Tellemayne Night Elf 37 Feral

Towhol Tauren 80 Feral (I don't remember where this one came from. For some reason I just have a level 80 druid on Grim Batol.. Scroll of Ressurection, maybe?)


I like druids.

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I only have 1 druid, and it's an alt that I just leveled to 90 for the sake of getting it to 90, but I had to comment in here to say I have 3 Dk's. all blood, although I have a decent frost offspec on my main. one is an alt just for the sake of running Flex and alt runs on something that actually needs gear. and 1 DK on horde side.

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