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MW monk 3rd stat

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as most of you know, MW mastery is bad as hell :) 
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Saphirro/simple This is my char im not sure for 3rd stat to reforge. Actually im useing:

Crit -> to max
Haste -> 9158
Mastery -> to max
but wouldnt be better to change it to:
Crit -> max
Haste -> 9158
Spirit -> max
It will take you some healing but increase some mana regen.

Next question whats next haste BP or hard cap ?

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Mastery technically is more healing, but spirit just let's you screw up your mana tea regen.

If you find that you always have too much mana tea, then go mastery.

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