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Totem Question - Resto

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Back on another alt of mine :)


Probably my weakest toon,  I'm curious if I am getting the most out of my totems. I am not fully learned on the topic. 


Should I drop 4 totems out at a time? I notice Ele's doing that but obviously they are dps.


I use my Healing stream totem on cd, spirit link when big heals needed and stormlash from time to time. I usually drop the searing totem on single target fights for a little dps along with my fire elemental.


Should I drop more than the 1 or 2 at a time? If so what are the recommendations and are there any macros for it?


Thank you in advance for any advice :)

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Dropping 4 at a time is actually a cosmetic glyph.  Since the Cata changes, they're all CD based instead of necessary at all times, so even DPS will typically only have one or two up at any one time.


The way you're doing it now sounds fine.  Use them as you see fit.


As Resto, I try to make sure I place my Fire Ele and Searing Totem as long as healing is light, because more DPS makes shorter fights.  HST on cooldown is important as well, but you already know that.  Healing Tide Totem is also a huge cooldown we can offer.  Mana Tide Totem can also help you and your party in a tight spot.

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One of the things that took me a bit of getting used to was not waiting until someone needed mana to drop mana tide.  Generally you want to drop it as soon as someone drops below 80% mana, and then on CD from then on.

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