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Burning Crusade Classic Known Issues List

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As the BCC beta has begun, Blizzard have also listed some known issues that they've noticed in comparison to the original Burning Crusade, so players testing it can know what doesn't need to be reported:

Blizzard LogoKnown Issues (source)


Below is a list of known issues for the initial WoW Classic Burning Crusade Beta release (build 38043). Please note that this list is not comprehensive and is not a complete depiction of what we’re aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter with some regularity. We hope to have fixes to these issues in place soon for upcoming beta builds, but we cannot promise when or if any individual bug will be fixed.

As always, we encourage players to utilize the in-game bug reporter (and bug report mouseover hotkey – Default hotkey: F6) to send us information on bugs you encounter during the WoW Classic Burning Crusade beta.

Thank you!

Art and Visuals

  • The background lighting and shader effects on the character select screen will display far too dark for some races.
  • Effects that transform the player character’s model such as the Dragonmaw Illusion from the Netherwing quests may display their textures incorrectly.
  • The Fel Pits in Shadowmoon Valley are red textured lava rather than green.
  • The Goblin Rocket Launcher spell visual fires from the wrong point on the model.
  • The Zapthrottle Mote extractor item from Engineering does not always properly display its beam visuals during the Extract Gas animation.
  • The Deathshadow NPCs in the Twilight Ridge area of Nagrand may sometimes appear all black with no textures.
  • There is a visible tear in the skybox in certain areas of Shadowmoon Valley and Nagrand
  • The visual distortion spell effect that affects a Mage when under the effects of Invisibility is not present.
  • Khadgar’s Servant in Shattrath is the wrong color.
  • Outlands zones are currently missing some ground foliage and detail objects.
  • The Exodar does not always draw in properly when viewed from adjacent sub-zones.
  • The Mo’arg Weaponsmith and creatures with similar models have some missing or incorrect textures.
  • The Mining Animation is not properly displaying the pickaxe in the player’s hands.
  • Flying Mounts do not transition from standing to flying properly.
  • Parts of the Qiraji Prophet model used by creatures such as Harbinger Skyriss are appearing untextured
  • Player models on the character sheet do not properly update textures if new items are equipped while the interface is open.
  • Female Trolls and Female Tauren are unable to change the face options in the character creation screen when certain skin color options are selected.
  • Flight paths through Menethil Harbor have multiple issues.


  • Teleport: Moonglade is missing from the level 58 druid character templates.

  • Weapon impact visual effects are too bright on Draenei character models.

  • Some weapon enchants are not currently displaying their visual effects.

  • A Shaman’s Rockbiter Weapon won’t apply to the player’s main hand weapon.

  • Player characters are using an incorrect calculation for determining damage reduction provided by armor.

  • Area-of-effect damage caps are not currently functioning properly.

  • The Paladin spell Holy Shock does not properly deal damage.

  • The Priest ability Pain Suppression does not properly increase resistance to Dispel mechanics.

  • The Priest ability Mass Dispel does not properly dispel harmful affects from yourself.

  • The Warrior’s Auto-Attack animation will play at the same time that Devastate is used.

  • The Warrior’s Shield Slam ability is not gaining +damage from Block Value.


  • The Thorn Lasher mobs spawned during the Laj encounter in the Botanica can become stuck and non-targetable after spawning.


  • The Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying maching mounts from engineering do not generate many of their sound effects.

  • Spell Haste gems are not correctly increasing Spell Haste rating.

  • Thrown weapons do not lose durability when used.

  • Items will rarely fail to be delievered to the players inventory when looted or awarded from quests.

  • Jewelcrafting - Cut gems do not list their stat bonuses. (Developer’s Note: Most stat bonuses from gems do function as expected, this is merely a display issue)

  • Damage dealt by additional elemental effects on weapons is not currently calculating properly

  • Mana and Health Potions are incorrectly averaging their values and are not restoring a random amount of mana or health from a range.


  • Some PvP titles may be missing from eligible characters.

  • The Honor Tab does not currently display the correct information.


  • Some quest items that can be read such as the Illidari Service Papers will display a brighly colored untextured background when opened.

  • Khadgar’s Servant is not properly whispering players during the escort portion of the quest “City of Light” in Shattrath.

  • Quests that place the player on a mount such as “As the Crow Flies” in Zangarmarsh will display the player on an invisible mount.

User Interface

  • Tooltips in some profession’s UI pane may incorrectly display the tooltips for items in the player’s inventory that were recently moused-over.

  • Some objects in the game world may flicker occasionally when the player camera is tiled to certain angles.

  • The Bank UI is misaligned and there is an extra, unused column of bank slots present

  • The Mana Regen stat on the spell tab of the Character Sheet does not display correct values.

  • The “Target” option under Status Text within the Interface Options UI does not currently function.

  • Opening the World Map within a dungeon will display the incorrect map view.

  • The Void Sphere and Prismatic Sphere recipes do not display their 2 day cooldowns in the Enchanting Profession Pane

  • Chat Messages with Item Links cannot be sent.

  • Some Sliders are displaying incorrectly in the System and Interface Menus

  • The displayed price and the buyback price of an item from a vendor will sometimes display different and/or incorrect values.

  • The Focus Frame is lacking a “Reset Position” option.

  • The player’s Spell Casting bar’s status text and background textures overflow the edges of the UI frame.

  • Items that have a class restriction will also incorrectly show a race restriction in the tooltip.

  • The Title selection dropdown over laps with the guild name display in the character sheet.

  • The selection highlight for the Azeroth Continent on the World Map is misaligned.

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      While this is only the beta and only the China region, where playing habits are different, players have been very concerned with the addition of the character level boost and group finder additions, with many predicting the token is next in line to be added.
      It does seem unlikely that Blizzard would add the token to Classic in the West (at least for now), it's interesting to see it show up on this side of the servers with a clear "China only" marker, making it at least look like Blizzard is testing the waters to see player reactions to its addition.
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      A new build went live on the Burning Crusade Beta, and here's what's new.
      Gear Vendors Removed
      Blizzard has removed Flaskataurs (vendors)  that offered free gear for testing.
      New Premade Realm
      Blizzard added a new realm called Badge of Justice, where players can create premade Level 70 characters, likely for the upcoming raid testing. For now, the realm remains offline.

      Item Changes
      Two items have been changed on the Beta. Drakefist Hammer and Annihilator are now Main Hand only. Previously, the items could be used in both hands.

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      Vendor Changes
      Ge'ras in Shattrath no longer sells Primal Nether for Badges of Justice, the currency obtained from Heroic Dungeons.
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