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Solo Shriekwing Through 2-Hour Berserk

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Rextroy is back after a long hiatus with possibly the most painful solo he's done so far. He soloed Shriekwing after 2 hours of Berserk.


Shriekwing has been on my "potential" todo list for a while, but I only committed to doing this after the 9.0.5 buff to Fodder to the Flame (DH Necrolord) since it now gives you a lot of potential ranged healing.

Why would we need ranged healing? well because the way to solo this boss is through a horrifying kite, lasting hours.

The main ability of Shriekwing, Exsanguinating Bite Exsanguinating Bite, surprisingly has a 20 yards range. Which means it can be avoided. And the Berserk Berserk, will only increase physical damage, not magic damage or movement speed.

Shriekwing got some ranged magic damage (wave of blood) but it won't do much without the benefit of berserk. The blood that spawns on the ground will also disappear after a certain period. By kiting correctly, we can avoid all physical damage taken except the Descend that happens after Echolocation is cast on you. This ability hurts quite a bit, thats the reason we need moderately good healing at range, to survive.

List of important talents, conduits and soulbinds

  • Abyssal Strike (lower CD on Infernal Strike)
  • Infernal Armor (Immolation Aura reduces dmg taken against physical, VS Descend)
  • Soul Barrier (Demonic could work too if timed well, but I prefer Soul Barrier for this)
  • Last Resort (Important second chance talent)

Felfire Haste (Infernal Strike movement speed boost conduit).

Plague Deviser Merileth gives us 2 important soulbinds, Ooz's Frictionless Coating and Ultimate form, both which help our survival. I got some movement speed items to help (I wish I had even more speed stat however)

Originally I had one survival trinket, Sanguine Vintage Sanguine Vintage, but decided to go with double DPS trinkets instead. It made it more dangerous for me and harder to survive, but better for my sanity since equipping 2 DPS trinkets would lower the solo timer from 3.5 hours to 2.5 hours. The DPS trinkets I ended up going with was Dreadfire Vessel Dreadfire Vessel and Skulker's Wing Skulker's Wing (I wanted to try Gluttonous Spike but didn't manage to obtain it).

It is during his Earsplitting Shriek that you have a small window of opportunity to use both Fleshcraft and Skulker's Wing. The cooldown of Earsplitting is 45 seconds, which makes it line up great with skulker.

I also used Bandages, Shadowcore Oil, Healing pots and the legendary I ultimately went with was Spirit of the Darkness Flame (for more healing).

The hardest part of the encounter is the constant focus required, you also need to be mindful of the boss pathing. You need to make sure you move so he won't cut you off. Even with Infernal Strike you might not be able to outrange the bite if you use it wrongly. I had a few wipes because I landed just within 20 yards range so his bite would successfully hit me. I also wiped because the boss can decide to melee hit you before casting the bite (if your Infernal Strike makes you fly in front of the boss he might hit you) This was made even worse when I used double DPS trinkets, since any additional dmg taken would be harder to recover.

Here's a short video of the Shriekwing solo.

You can also watch the whole 2.5-hour video below.

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