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<Keepers of Gjöll> 9/10H Recruiting a Healer, DPS and Socials!

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<Keepers of Gjöll> - Draenor are currently recruiting raiders and socials for our PvE guild. We are a relatively new group (started just before Shadowlands) who are trying to fill our roster of friendly folks who raid and push M+ keys together.

We want to focus on creating a welcoming and fun environment for people to play together as a community, while also pushing content and putting a bit of effort in. We plan to at least get curve each patch, while also pushing keys in our spare time.

At the moment we are mostly in need of another healer, ideally with DPS offspec. Best classes would be Druid, Paladin or Monk (but any will be considered). We could also use a DPS with Tank offspec, or Tank with DPS offspec - any class would be considered.
We are also looking for some specific classes of any role (Monk, Mage, Warlock, DH). Just add me on battlenet* and we can chat more about it!


Progress: 9/10[H], 10/10[N]

Schedule: Sundays & Tuesdays, 19:15-22:30. (optional push to 23:00).

What we expect: Your progress isn’t important. What is important is your attitude, willingness to learn/improve and motivation. … If you are friendly, motivated and come prepared you will be very welcome!

What we need: Tank (any), Healer (Druid/Paladin/Monk), DPS(Mage, Warlock, Demon Hunter). Anyone will be considered if they would be a good fit for the guild… Add me on bnet*!

Thanks for considering our guild! If you’re keen on joining, or have more questions, please add me on Battle.net* and I’ll be happy to discuss further.

*Arodoul (Raidleader): Arodoul#21112

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