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Jumping Off Oribos Kills You

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This is one of those very weird changes that are both extremely irrelevant to players(hence why we didn't notice it until now) and very puzzling as to why a change would be made in the first place. As of patch 9.0.5 it seems the Oribos caretakers and attendant's have had enough of players jumping off the edge just for fun, so they shut down their free retrieval service.

Source: uber_soldier_varg.

As recently spotted by uber_soldier_varg and a lot earlier than that by Flyflash, you will now die if you jump off Oribos. This is either related to some other changes Blizzard are making elsewhere, is just something that broke with the patch or is a dev's pet experiment to see just how many players they can get killed and just how much repair costs they can incur. It turns out, a lot:


Yup. I noticed that the other day. I was so surprised that I jumped off five more times in different situations to check it out. - mobilonity

I think I saw someone who read this post and tested it out. Just jumped off oribos. Like who would do that. - lostmyupvote

I jump around where the Org/SW portals are from the main platform to the branching ones endlessly and occasionally I dont make the jump. The change kind of ruined my time waster. - GhettoCanuck

I've had long jump competitions with guildies before, while waiting for other people to be ready for a group.

We'd try and get as much speed as possible (mounting, spec-specific speed boosts etc) and see who could jump furthest out. It was fun because we didn't die and have to repair gear. - DStanley1809

I spent a freaking ton of money on repairs thereby -harboryiii

Alternatively, perhaps this is a major plot point, as the Arbiter is getting even weaker and can no longer sustain the free pickup from falling service in Oribos.

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Wait. I'm sure I jumped off before the patch and still died. Did you always die in certain areas and nobody noticed those? 

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I fall out a lot as I always try to skip time when running to Portals, but sometimes fail the jump. Noticed this change the moment patch hit the servers. Though as some say it's a gamebreaking change, it is not. Get a hold of yourselves, repair your gear, and move on. Yeez.

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