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Sealed Packages Added on the Burning Crusade Classic Beta

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3 new items previously not included in the game were added in the latest Beta build yesterday.

The items are called Sealed Packages and are meant to be delivered to the townspeople of Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Thunder Bluff. We are not sure at this time what their use is.

  • Sealed Package (186440) - Sealed packages to be delivered to the townspeople of Stormwind City.
  • Sealed Package (186451) - Sealed packages to be delivered to the townspeople of Orgrimmar.
  • Sealed Package (186452) - Sealed packages to be delivered to the townspeople of Thunder Bluff.

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      He's been playing the game for his entire adult life (about 15 years) and "feels saturated". Maitoz also said that after Blackwing Lair, "Classic turned into a money factory for boosters/GDKP".
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      The WF level 60 arrived 93 hours after Classic launched, claimed by a gnome mage!
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      Yes, you read that right, all 60 characters were leveled exclusively by killing mobs, completely reliant on rested experience. So how long did this all take? Around 316 days played, including everything related to it (bank transfers etc), and if you calculate that you'll probably conclude there was some multiboxing happening, or they spent basically ALL their time on leveling for the past 2 years.
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      I was motivated the whole way through because I knew that I wanted to do it, I knew it was going to scratch that itch and make me stop wanting to do big insane projects like this. I think it worked, I only kinda want to do 70 70s for Burning Crusade.
      I wouldn't say I had a favorite zone, I would basically find humanoids of the levels I needed at that particular time so I rarely interacted with the rest of the zone apart from the inn keeper and and the mobs I was grinding.

      There were plenty of areas that sucked at times, like grinding the trolls in northern STV, had tons of traffic from ZG and a huge number of 60s helping level 30 warriors grind for their Whirlwind Axe. Not often very friendly. The blood elves in Azshara were also pretty painful at lower level, their aggro range is huge and their heal is massive if you fail to interrupt it.
      The gear I was leveling with was basically just the best greens for that class, passed on by the other characters that didn't need it. So when a green str/agi item drops on my warlock, instead of vendoring it I can give it to a warrior, rogue, feral druid or paladin etc. So for the most part I had best in slot green gear on most of my characters.
      I love grinding, so to me it was basically just a super chill grind the whole way through until I was nearing the end and closer to pre-patch. Going mob by mob means I had a lot of free time to watch shows, movies, listen to and discover new music etc.
      Haha I was waiting for someone to call me out on that! In my final days of grinding 2 of my warlocks to 60, I had to continue grinding despite knowing they were going to be deleted in a few days to be replaced by paladins. I assure you they did exist!
      About 316 days played working on this project, including banking, transferring items etc.
      I found 3 pairs of Edgemasters, 1 Wardens Staff, 2 Glowing Brightwood Staves and probably 45-50 other random epics worth very little. I also got every single bad BOE blue possible, just not a single good one.
      Until I decide if I want to continue on to 70 70s and 80 80s, all of my Faerlina and Stalagg characters will probably just rot, I was fully prepared for blizzard to cap characters allowed to be brought into BC since boosting was such a big thing, so I never really had any intention of doing anything with them after classic wow.

      I do plan on going fairly hard in Burning Crusade, I will probably get use out of most of my Herod characters.

      Source: Rommildrey.
      A really crazy feat, and we hope to see Rommildrey again with 70 level 70ies in two years time!
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      With World Buffs leaving the Classic meta tomorrow with the Burning Crusade's launch (at least for those that decided to move on to the expansion), awesome and funny machinima maker Gorak decided to give them a fond farewell, by comparing the original Vanilla experience with the buffs to the way they were handled in Classic! The results are pretty great:
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