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Mw Rotation and Reforging Feedback

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Ive enjoyed my monk from the start of MoP haven't done anything more than Lfr with him and was hoping to start doing flex soon. so as the title states if anyone could give me feedback on my rotation and reforging and gems and the like it would be much appreciated.


Armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Alivanthon/advanced



Warcraft-logs  http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/prN7fZVXMtyRDP69#type=summary&source=11  Iron Jugg

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Hey there,


For reforging it looks mostly ok except your haste is between 2 cap so you want to get closest to one and go no higher.


i would go for this:



Your talents look fine and the lvl 90 ones change based on fight but with a lower ilvl xuen is a great choice because of the ease and power of its use compared to trying to maintain RJW with no meta gem.


As for your rotation a few pointers are:

1) More uplifts - even if it wont really heal anyone use it ALOT because of the amount of mana tea you will get. Uplift should be your highest healing spell.


2) Use your mana tea whenever you can


3) Thunder focus tea has a 45 second cooldown so use it as often as possible to keep ReM on as many targets as possible.


4) expel harm on cooldown or as much as possible to get that extra chi to allow for more uplifts.


5) Get in melee and auto attack the boss. It gives a small amount of healing with eminence and you also can avoid alot of ranged boss mechanics which makes focusing on healing easier.

Try to get a blackout kick and tiger palm out to give you the tiger power and serpents zeal buffs to help with the eminence just that little bit more.


Refining these few things will help your healing. Just remember though that there are alot of geared disc priests and other healers that will snipe your heals so dont be disheartened if you lag behind this late into an expansion when there are alot of overgeared toons getting around.


Happy Killing :)

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He could probably reach the 6k haste breakpoint and be fine as well in the crit department.   Just use the same wights that are above and change the haste cap to 6141

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