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I was trying out meta earlier. It kept dropping after about 5 seconds. Am I missing somthing?. I thought you had to cancel the effect now?

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You are. you can cancel the effect whenever you want but if you don't have enough demonic fury your Demon Form will drop off.

Just keep in mind if your demon bar it's empty no chance to pop meta.

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You start with 200 Demonic Fury which doesn't allow for a whole lot of anything. You can't do burst on demand at the beginning of a fight anymore. You have to build up Demonic Fury before entering Metamorphosis effectively. However, you should be popping Meta to apply Doom, deactivating Meta, and begin building your Demonic Fury.

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That all makes sense but it was auto canceling it when I had furry, I was trying the rotation out. I'll try it again it could just be lag on my side who knows. Thanks for answering.

I got it now ty.

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