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New Mega-Dungeon Tazavesh Glitched Into: Video Exploration

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Tazavesh, the new Karazhan/Operation Mechagon-type mega-dungeon isn't actually available for testing quite yet, but that hasn't stopped the more enterprising members of the community from sneaking in! Well, technically it's jumping in, as they used the Ardenweald fairy dust to get in there. Luckily for us, we get to see what's in there, minus the mobs and bosses, as those don't seem to be ready yet.

There's a whoole lot of weirdness in the first video, as the game keeps forcing the "you've fallen too low" camera angle, but Hezerd just keeps jumping around the dungeon using various means, from the old faithful Gnomis Gravity Well to the Darkmoon Cannon.

Then we have a slightly more stable look, with a lot of Eagle Eyeing around:

And the last one takes a looong time to show how to get to the dungeon, but we've skipped ahead to the halfway mark to see the actual dungeon.

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    • By Starym
      We have a whole lot of Season of Discovery today, as the class tuning comes in, in addition to Nightmare Incursion, raid, World buff, item, drop chance changes and a lot more. Over on retail we just have the one fix, as the Grotto Netherwing Drake's Black Scales cosmetic should now be properly awarded to players.
      April 16 (Source)
      Grotto Netherwing Drake: Black Scales should be properly awarded to players who have completed the Now THIS is Dragon Racing!  
      Season of Discovery
      There are now Emerald Warden guard NPCs present near Nightmare Incursion questgivers and quartermasters. The Atal’ai Mojo consumables are now Unique (2), allowing two to be carried and used. There is now a 2.60 speed version of the off-hand weapon Serpent’s Striker, available from Zalgo the Explorer on Yojamba Isle in exchange for the 1.50 speed version of the item. The drop rate of Nightmare Seeds in Sunken Temple has been increased by roughly 50%. Sigil of Living Dreams no longer requires a Nightmare Seed. Players should no longer occasionally gain no bonus blood when near Kha’damu and affected by Feast of Blood. Players will now gain the Honorless Target effect whenever they enter or leave a Nightmare Incursion portal. Rainbow Generator should now appear for troll, tauren, night elf, and all other races. Grizzwerks Defense Industries has achieved record growth thanks to the efforts of adventurers across Azeroth, and Grizzby is now pleased to offer runes to heroes without requiring quests from them. Druid Starsurge no longer consumes Clearcasting procs from Omen of Clarity. Skull Bash rune moved to the Hands slot (was the Leg slot). Lacerate rune moved to the Leg slot (was Hands). Lacerate threat increased substantially. Hunter Chimera Shot no longer refreshes Serpent Sting at 1 less damage per tick. Mage Impact can now be triggered by the damage from Molten Armor. Deep Freeze will no longer deal damage to players who are temporarily Immune to stuns. Deep Freeze can no longer be overwritten by an Impact stun, unless the new stun would be longer than the remaining duration on Deep Freeze. Developers’ notes: Previously if you Deep Froze a target, and they were then hit with an Impact stun, you could accidentally overwrite a 5-second stun with a 2-second stun. Now you can’t overwrite it unless Deep Freeze is under 2 seconds. Paladin Light’s Grace rune moved to the Bracer slot (was Helm). The mana return of Seal of Martyrdom has been increased significantly. Eye for an Eye now works on damage-over-time crits. Priest Eye of the Void can no longer engage in melee combat. Eye of the Void’s spells now all have a 35 yard range. Surge of Light’s instant cast effect will no longer be consumed if Surge of Light was gained while casting Smite or Flash Heal. Martyrdom now works to prevent pushback on Void Zone casts. Rogue Focused attacks now generates 3 additional energy (was 2). Shaman The Internal Cooldown for Overcharged has been increased to 3 seconds. Warlock Life tap now grants mana return to warlock pets. Unstable Affliction’s damage has been increased by roughly 120%. Warlocks with Metamorphosis active and the Master Demonologist talent will now gain increased threat generation when they summon an Imp or Felguard (was decreased threat generation). Warrior Victory Rush heal increased to 30% of the Warrior’s health (was 10%).
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      We have quite a few changes coming for healers in Season 4 with next week's reset, as Blizzard detail the overall reduction of throughput for some specs, as well as buffs to others. 
      Healer Tuning (Source)
      In Season 4, we’re reducing the overall throughput of some healers to better align with our tuning goals. At the same time, we’re increasing the comparative power of Holy Paladin, Preservation Evoker, and Holy Priest without needing to further escalate the capabilities of healers.
      The following adjustments are now deployed to the 10.2.6 PTR, and will go live with the beginning of Season 4 next week.
      Mistweaver All healing done reduced by 13%. Does not apply in PvP combat. Druid
      Restoration All healing done reduced by 5%. Does not apply in PvP combat. Shaman
      Restoration All healing done reduced by 5%. Does not apply in PvP combat. Priest
      Discipline Developers’ notes: As part of our goal for balancing healers in raids, we would like to reduce raid healing output for Discipline Priest without affecting them in other content. Atonement transfers 35% of damage to healing (was 40%). Atonement healing increased by 70% outside of raids (was 50%). Atonement healing increased by 35% in PvP (was 15%). Player vs. Player
      Mistweaver Ancient Teachings healing transfer amount reduced to 375% in PvP combat (was 412%).
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      Blizzard have shared the current required Mythic+ rating required to get the Dreaming Hero title at the end of Dragonflight Season 3. The official forum thread below will be updated, so check back to see the latest numbers. 
      Dreaming Hero (Source)
      In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Dreaming Hero title for Dragonflight Season 3. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 3 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% in each region.
      If the season ended today, in this region, the title would go to those who scored at least:
      Good luck!
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      Now's the perfect time to unlock your missing Plunderstorm rewards with doubled Renown gains until April 30th!
      Hoist the sails and batten the hatches; a Plundersurge begins this week with weekly maintenance!
      The Plunderstorm event is ending on April 30, but until then, pirating players can double the amount of Renown earned from all sources of Plunder by taking the Plundersurge. 
      Set Sail for the Plunderstorm
      Plunge into a challenging battle that earns excellent rewards for World of Warcraft® Modern and Classic progression realms. All you have to do is survive…and plunder. Can't seem to stay in the realm of the living? No problem. Plunderers still gain progression that helps unlock new rewards.
      Each match is 10-15 minutes long and has 60 players per match, with the winner being the last one standing. Level up and acquire new abilities and spells by killing creatures and enemies, looting chests, and avoiding the encroaching storm.
      A Pirate's Life for You
      The Arathi Highlands is the backdrop for this pirating adventure, and you'll have plenty of challenges to keep you busy.
      Prepare to Plunder
      Plunderstorm is perfect for pick-up and play! No expansion purchase is required, but a World of Warcraft Subscription or Game Time is needed to participate in a high-stakes, play-by-the-seat-your-pants match. This means that Classic players can also participate in a plethora of plundering fun by simply installing the modern (Live) World of Warcraft client:
      Launch the Battle.net desktop app. Click the World of Warcraft icon at the top. If the icon is missing, click on All Games and select the game from the list. On top of the Install button is a drop-down menu. Confirm that you wish to install World of Warcraft. Click Install. Once you’re in modern WoW:
      Select Plunderstorm2 from the World of Warcraft game menu to get into the action. Create a new, ready-to-play character—player characters are unique to this event. You don't need previous knowledge of races and classes to chart your course for mayhem. Choose between Solo or—to play with your Battle.net friends—make a group from the Plunderstorm character screen and select Duo. If queued for a Duo without a partner, you'll be automatically matched with one. You can also access chat, customize characters, and see the queue from the Character Select Screen. Action Bar and Abilities, Worthy Mates
      Discover lootable spells, abilities, and upgrades as you plunder treasure chests and defeat enemies. Upon picking up, spells and abilities are automatically added to your Action Bar, with two slots dedicated to offensive skills and two for utilities such as leaps, speed boosts, and crowd-control.
      Some abilities are more action-based and require good positioning and player targeting. Have fun discovering and experimenting with different combinations to find what works for you.
      Upgrades to Your Spells and Abilities
      Your spells and abilities can be upgraded by discovering higher-quality versions from treasure chests or finding the same ability elsewhere and stacking it to Rank 3 (epic). There are also plenty of plundering opportunities—various treasure chests with different rarities that harbor all types of abilities are stashed around the map. Always stay on the lookout for better loot and upgrades.
      Spectating Spectre
      Upon death, keep watching the match from the perspective of your teammates (if they're still alive) or other players, including their loadout.
      Rewards A-Plenty for Plundering Pirates
      Players can earn cosmetics, pets, titles, and mounts as they progress through the reward track. These include the majestic Polly Roger parrot mount, Bubbles the crab pet, swashbuckling cosmetics, 750 Trader's Tender from "Keg Leg's Crew" for use on the Trading Post, and more. 3 A victory is not required to claim the spoils of a well-fought fight.
      To view Renown and apply the Plunderstorm weapon and transmog customizations, change titles, or summon pets, swabbies can click on Da'kash Grimledger standing directly in front of the spawn point in the Plunderstorm lobby.
      Customization unlocks are simultaneously unlocked for Dragonflight characters and can be found in your Collection. Each Renown level unlock is noted in colored text under the reward name, whether the reward is for Dragonflight, Plunderstorm, or Classic.
      Perch on the shoulders of this parrot instead of him perching on yours! Proper pirate fashion is a must for plundering! There isn't a better first mate on the high seas than Pirate Pepe! Plunderstorm Content Update Notes
      Learn more details about Plunderstorm in our update notes.
      We look forward to seeing you drop from the skies to engage in pirate-themed mayhem. We'll see you in Azeroth and wherever the adventure takes you!
      1 Requires World of Warcraft® Subscription or Game Time.
      2Plunderstorm is accessed from the World of Warcraft® game menu but exists outside of player progression in World of Warcraft® and Wrath of the Lich King Classic™.
      3Plunderstorm offers rewards for both World of Warcraft® and Wrath of the Lich King Classic™.
    • By Staff
      Check out our first look at MoP Remix coming in Patch 10.2.7!
      When Patch 10.2.7 goes live, you will be greeted by the following screen, informing you about the MoP Remix event and its objectives. There will be a button that lets you create your Timerunner (character).

      Similar to Plunderstorm, there will be an icon on the character screen for MoP Remix with the number of days remaining.

      Timerunners will be marked with a special icon next to their name on the character selection screen.

      When you first enter the game, you'll start with a short intro quest on the Timeless Shore. Your character will be affected with the Pandaria: Remix buff.

      The quest intro features a few unique quests before you start replaying MoP from the very beginning. It introduces you to Bronze, the event's currency used to buy items and upgrade gear.  
      Throughout your journey you will come across some very unique gear just like this cloak (Cloak of Infinite Potential) that permanently increases in power (Timerunner's Advantage).

      Your char will have access to two important Timerunning abilities.
      Extract Gem - Extract a gem from one of your socketed items. Unraveling Sands - Summon Unraveling Sands that transforms your unwanted items into Bronze. Gems offer a lot of customization in MoP Remix and you want to extract them with Extract Gem, because placing a new gem on top of a socketed one will make you lose it.
      If you come across unneeded gear, you can scrap it for Bronze with Unraveling Sands.
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