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New Mega-Dungeon Tazavesh Glitched Into: Video Exploration

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Tazavesh, the new Karazhan/Operation Mechagon-type mega-dungeon isn't actually available for testing quite yet, but that hasn't stopped the more enterprising members of the community from sneaking in! Well, technically it's jumping in, as they used the Ardenweald fairy dust to get in there. Luckily for us, we get to see what's in there, minus the mobs and bosses, as those don't seem to be ready yet.

There's a whoole lot of weirdness in the first video, as the game keeps forcing the "you've fallen too low" camera angle, but Hezerd just keeps jumping around the dungeon using various means, from the old faithful Gnomis Gravity Well to the Darkmoon Cannon.

Then we have a slightly more stable look, with a lot of Eagle Eyeing around:

And the last one takes a looong time to show how to get to the dungeon, but we've skipped ahead to the halfway mark to see the actual dungeon.

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