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559 ilvl Enhance Shaman need Garrosh advice

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Padding is typically defined as damage that has no real effective value. On Garrosh, that means doing damage to the adds past the threshold of when the Iron Star will kill them (ie: 30%).

For an enhance, the only real padding you can do is spending your Maelstrom stacks on Chain Lightning or dropping a Magma Totem instead of Fire Ele/Searing. Using Fire Nova while at least 3 other adds exist and have Flame Shock on them would be a single target increase.

If you have a log, I could see where others are padding and show you the signs. In SoO, it's particularly difficult to point out a specific threshold at which someone is padding, especially when some classes use AoE to boost their single target (Warlocks, Mages), or have AoE spells in their single target rotation. (Mages, Warriors, Ret Pallies w/ T16 4pc)

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