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"Enter Eclipse" - Bal Druid rotation question

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I got my rotation coded and I'm a very "exactly like the specs say" sort of coder.

It revealed something to me that you guys probably know already but I hadn't thought of.

For the Balance Druid rotation, it starts with "Enter Eclipse" and I had set that up to mean the pull with 2 x Wrath but once the rotation cycled around and Celestial Alignment showed up again (off cooldown and in a time range that would allow Convoke to be used before it ended) CA showed up with an equal priority to the 2 x Wrath.

As long as there's time to get the Convoke off while CA is still up, there's no reason not to just use CA to get back into Eclipse is there?

Assuming there's no issue with pulling the boss to yourself (coordination with the Tank regarding use of Taunt for instance), there's no reason you can't use CA to initially enter Eclipse either, is there?

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