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Feral dps rotation opener

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yea yea, it's not a rotation anymore, but still Posted Image

so with the new 5.0 patch, i've been getting back into feral dps and I was wondering if anyone is running into a similar thing. I want to get the best out of my opening rotation and the abilities I wanna focus on are:

- Faerie Fire

- Savage Roar

- Prowl

- Feral Charge

- Ravage

In that order would be ideal. Here's the problem… and forgive me for already forgetting if it was a talent, or a glyph or w/e but Ravage can only be used when in Prowl. It didn't used to be like that. Here's my long-winded concern… so you need to be in Prowl to use Ravage, but I wanna cast FF and SR first. However, when the boss is pulled, casting those 2 abilities takes me out of Prowl. And since I'm in combat, I can't go back into Prowl in order to get a Ravage off after I Charge. I probably lost all of you with that. But if anyone is still with me, you may understand my dilemma. Wondering if this opener is even possible, or if it's even necessary?

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