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Looking for Help with my Elemental Shaman

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Hello, Icy Veins!

I have been looking at some charts and doing some number crunching and am finding that I might not be doing some things right. I personally feel like my DPS ought to be higher with the gear I have (along with gems and enchants). I believe I'm doing my rotations right and using the right spell at the right time, but I feel like I always come up short.


Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/silver-hand/Lirata/simple


One of our guilds Normal Garrosh Kills - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/dwg7yzpd0gmc79fi/analyze/dd/source/?s=18&e=608

(I can provide more data if anyone needs something else)


There is just a few things to look at. Now, I'm unsure of how trusted SimCraft is, but it's telling me I should minimally put out 270k DPS (let alone a maximum of like 310-330), but most fights I'm only putting out damage somewhere in the 225-240 range.



I have a macro that applies all my beneficial buffs for my 3min CD Rotation (Lifeblood - Berserking - Unleash Elements - Ascendance - Spirit Walker's Grace). My first fault may be that I allow for all these things to cool down again until I use Ascendance again (for instance, I don't use Lifeblood again after 2 minutes, I just wait the 3 minutes for Ascendance to be ready then cast lifeblood along with it), thus allowing me to have a little extra haste to throw out more Lava Bursts. So, I'll usually drop Fire Elemental, throw on a Flame Shock, cast Elemental Blast, blow my CD Macro and spam Lava Burst. That's an opener. From there, I fill with Lightning Bolts and Fulminations until Elemental Blast or Lava Burst is up.


I'm really just looking for some guidance or maybe a slight change in how I do things. I'm just a little confused on why it seems like I'm dealing such a significantly lower amount of DPS than what I feel I ought.


Thank you for all your help! I truly appreciate it!



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Hey LittleDansonGuy


Just a couple of quick things off the bat.


You shouldn't be using Unleash Elements unless you're specced into Unleashed Fury.  Not at all, even/especially in your CD macro.  Just completely forget about it!


You're missing a few crucial steps in your opener.  It should go something more like this:


@ 3 on pull timer: Fire Ele + Prepot

@ 1 on pull timer: Start precasting Elemental Blast to fire on the target as the tanks pull.

Then in order: Flame Shock, Lava Burst, CDs (Lifeblood+Zerking+Ascend+SWG), then spamming Lava Burst until your Ascendance is finished.


Remember that Ascendance also finishes the cooldown on your Lava Burst, so using it before Ascendance is always recommended.



You don't have quite as many Elemental Blast casts as you should have on that Garrosh fight.  Make sure you're following the single target rotation of:

Maintain Flame Shock > Lava Burst > Elemental Blast > Earth Shock w/ 6 or 7 stacks of Lightning Shield > Lightning Bolt.


Of course, you can swap Lightning Bolt for Chain Lightning if there are 2 mobs in range, and just spam Chain Lightning for 3+ mobs in range.


The Frenzied Crystal of Rage is an extremely low value trinket, even in AoE-majority fights.  I'd recommend sticking to KTT if you have it, regardless of the item level.

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Thank you! Would not have known about the Unleash, as well as the Trinket...


I do have a question about movement, however. For instance, something extremely movement heavy like HC Sha of Pride, what are some tips? It gets to the point in Phase Two of that fight where the rifts are so plentiful that it's difficult to get Elemental Blast off because we need to move so often. Is it the case that my DPS is lacking because quite a few of SoO's fights are so movement intensive?


I just find it odd that Elemental Shamans (me, at least), having a mobile Lightning Bolt, aren't getting farther up the DPS counter on those high movement fights compared to something like a Warlock.


Thank you for your help thus far!


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For heavy movement fights, I'll typically aggressively plant, cast, move w/ LB, repeat. Sometimes you'll take a little extra damage, but it's usually worthwhile. You may be able to check out an old stream of mine to see an example, but you definitely need to be aggressive and not needlessly pre-empt your movement to avoid possible damage.

The DPS charts aren't just about mobility. The class balance right now is just heavily stacked in Warlocks and Hunters favours. If you and a similarly skilled Warlock competed on a Patchwerk-like fight (no movement, pure burn), they'd come ahead by a significant amount.

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As Hybrys said, we warlocks, especially Destruction warlocks, are in a wonderful place right now. And on the note of movement, for most fights in Heroic (like Sha of Pride), warlocks spec into Kil'jaeden's Cunning, which allows us to fire our filler equivalent of Lightning Bolt on the move, and we have more instant casts. Don't get discouraged, just keep working at it and you'll get better :)

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