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Druid Class Changes in Patch 9.1 Build 38549

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Balance Druids received buffs to multiple talents in Patch 9.1 Build 38511.



  • Stellar Drift Stellar Drift (Level 45 Talent) - Starfall deals 25% 50% additional damage and allows you to cast while moving while it is active, but now has a 15 sec cooldown.
  • Solstice Solstice (Level 50 Talent) - During the first 6 sec of every Eclipse, Shooting Stars fall 200% 250% more often.
  • New Moon New Moon (Level 50 Talent) - Deals [ 75% 100% of Spell Power ] Astral damage to the target and empowers New Moon to become Half Moon.

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Stellar Drift would need to be closer to 120% additional damage in order to be worth taking, combining that you reduce the damage done by starfall by half purely through the 15 second CD, along with that you give up on the other talent choices to pick it.

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19 hours ago, Frogspoison said:

Stellar Drift would need to be closer to 120% additional damage in order to be worth taking, combining that you reduce the damage done by starfall by half purely through the 15 second CD, along with that you give up on the other talent choices to pick it.

Only if the cooldown starts when Starfall ended. It's duration is currently 8 sec base, giving it an effective cooldown of 7 sec when talented into Stellar Drift. It's essentially a PvP nerf to limit continuous casting while moving in combination with Dying Stars dispels and Moonfire spam from Crescent Burn. It will barely affect PvE usage and comes out as a net gain once sims are updated, most likely. The largest effect it will likely have is we won't run it even on Tyrannical weeks like is currently recommended.


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