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World First In Shadowlands Two Hand Wielding Enhancement Shaman

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Hello guys , since im kinda bored of max level content i decided to make a twink capable of 1 shoting and since we all remmember old Enhancement Shaman with Windfury procs i decided to make past a reality but sadly its only doable if you are bellow level 20 since you have primal strike (it disapears if you hit level 20 and it replaces itself with stormstrike which requires 1 handers only )and its a melee attack that does not require 1 handed weapons and you have wield two handed mace and still do damage , so i decided to get the best possible gear for this twink and make old windfury Enhancement Shaman Reality in current game it costed me around good 250k gold together with materials and proffession grinding. Also i tried this on two different shamans my 1st shaman in the video is called "Turboskilled" which was shaman that used looms and it did quite well but when my main perfected "Turbotwisted" shaman steped it you can see the difference in damage :D And since i never seen anyone do this in current game in shadowlands i decided to take the world first throne in Shadowlands when it comes to this. And i know i am really annoying with this "World First" tittles but i just wanna do what nobody ever tried in current game/expansion i wanna push my limits and explore the game itself to its finest This is my Character page and you can try this yourself since twinking is really fun in this expansion Character

Turbotwisted - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)

and here is the video itself : https://youtu.be/goqW2gvP74k


Please check it out you wont regret it!

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