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Survival Hunter DPS Guide (TBC Classic)

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My thoughts on SV BiS

After some quick math, Deamon Stalker gives 110 ap and 100 intelect more than beast lord. You have 2% crit less but having to play with 5.6k mana instead of 7.1k mana is kinda sad.

Secondly as Sv hunter if your pet dies the option of revive for 3k mana and 10 sec cast doesn't look viable. With that comes the problem that you can't use kill command anymore to get the armor ignore bonus.

Third problem that comes to mind is that different bosses have different armor values. Also the armor reduction debuffs might expire for various reasons (for example Nightbane Air phase, target switching at the Ogre bosses at Grul) so the armor ignore becomes less valuable.

Here is a link for a fast BiS list i used for SV https://tbc.wowhead.com/gear-set/demon-bis-133285

Last but not least , why there is no mention for https://tbc.wowhead.com/talent-calc/hunter/502-0550201205-333100023003223005103

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