Frost mage (fair dps, but want to push it)

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Hello guys, and many thanks for your time.


Back to WoW after a break (year or so), trying to get my skills back.




563ilvl with 2pc, dropped 4pc for 2 warforged items (in accordance to Akraen's guide).

14242 haste -> rest into mastery, so a "mixture" build.



(Did not switch the bombs as I'm fairly bad with NT yet)


Really bad fights for me this week were IJ (horrible, forgot my ele which despawned after jumping from the tower on Galakras / already made tmw icon for it, won't happen again) and Malkorok (not ideal pull, couple of deaths in the raid, messy and hectic for me overall).


Good fight (I believe) was Sha and maybe Protectors.


I installed affdots 2 days ago, trying to make the most use of it atm.



I feel though that I'm losing a lot of dps, but I cannot define the source. Decided to ask the kind help of the community.

Many thanks for your help and your time again.

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Hellow fellow mage
Gearwise you are right on track. (Just try getting the Nazgrim Shoulders!)

It would be great if you could record with Warcraft logs as I tbh am not great with really analyzing logs from WoL and wouldn't like to give the wrong info. As a general note WoL is outdated and WCL is far far better both in terms of info as in terms of presentation.
If you could provide WCL I'd kiss you smile.png
Otherwise I hope Oltier will be helping you!


Edit: Oltier or any other of our fellow Icy veiners :)

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Otherwise I hope Oltier will be helping you!




Edit: Oltier or any other of our fellow Icy veiners 

Oltier is in the middle of his exams. In fact, if no one seems to have any considerable help here, I'll definitely jump in. But as far as I could see you guys in the community can handle the topics so well. I am proud of you. :)

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Ugh okay.
I am gonna take a look at your logs tomorrow when I step off my plane back home.
Stay tuned.

P.S. Oltier good luck with exams. Just be sure you finish fast :) :P

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Looking at Malkorok I think you did a pretty good job.  


LB uptime 95% - good job

Invoker's uptime 89% - good, not great..maybe a WA/TMW

BF usage 32 out of 35 - try not to miss any

FoF usage 32 out of 32 - perfect

AT'd twice - great, although can't tell how well you lined up procs

Icy Veins twice - great

Mirror Image once - why not macro this with IV?

Pot once, try to prepot


I have looked a WoL entry in a while, but I cannot see the pet damage.  I am sure it is there, just can't see it.  Maybe Berlina will be better able to tell how well you lined up procs/snapshotting, but to me it looks like you did a pretty decent job.

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Don't macro it with IV. You will lose a GCD mid Icy Veins!

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As Icy Veins doesn't use a GCD for it's usage, macroing it first, second or 200th doesn't change the fact that you lose a GCD :P.
Don't macro it it's a slight dps loss!
That is all due to icy veins being able to be cast at all times ,even during a GCD!

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If you do macro IV and Images together make sure to still have IV bound to a separate key aswell.


On a progress fight with a tight enrage. Say the boss is at 5 percent. Both IV and Images are ready to use. Obviously use your IV for the DPS increase. However save your Images for a potential clutch kill. 


If the boss does an AoE enrage then Dot the Boss, pop Images 1 second before enrage (If you know for sure the enrage timer is accurate) then Iceblock. Hopefully Living Bomb + Images + Welly damage is enough to kill the boss during your ice block.


If the boss does a melee swing enrage then pop images, blink to max range. Continue DPS'ing until your last image dies. As the boss is rushing you down you have time for 2 GCD's + Ice Block (With the standard boss movement speed). So cast Ice Lance, Bomb then Iceblock. If you are lucky you have just solo'd a progression boss.


(You should Ice Lance if you have Icicles procs even over a Brain Freeze proc) Also if you are lucky enough to have the boss on 400k HP when you are blocked + a proc you can time if so you cancel aura then cast the proc right after the boss swing timer to guarantee to hit the boss without dying. 


The closest I have come to clutch killing a progression boss was something like 30k HP on Blackhorn. Never managed to do it but have come very close. I even pop invis sometimes to guarantee I am lowest on the threat table so I can always try to clutch kill things (However during the Invis time I probably could have done 30k DPS so technically I cost my guild a kill... But don't tell them that. Fortunately we got him a few pulls later) 


Also I know this is super offtopic but I already typed it all out so I would feel sad having to delete 3 mins of my life.

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If you do macro IV and Images together make sure to still have IV bound to a separate key aswell.


No. Just don't macro them. Don't teach people bad practices. IV + Mirrors in a macro is a dps loss, period.

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