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he dies more then dps..

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ok this is not about me. it about our main tank. we have to b res him all most on every fight. he ask me to help him but pally are not one of the classes i know well.


many times i will tank with him( druid) and i will be able to take 5 stack and he can only take 3. at our wits end with him. please help

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First of all, i must wonder why he's gemming for stamina?

honestly i dont know i know his health is a bit low. and yes logs are coming

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I believe the biggest issue is that he's using full dodge/parry gear.


Every point in dodge/parry is absolutely useless to his survival (it's pretty decent, but only for melee swings). If you're refusing to give him haste gear, that'll be the biggest issue.


He should be going for haste instead of mastery right now, since his haste is so low that a mastery build is just not worth his trouble.


The stat priority for him should be: Hit (7.5%) = Expertise (15%) > Haste  > Mastery > Dodge/Parry.


clicking the optimize button on AMR will do that for him.


As for how all his flex gear is dodge/parry, he should look at the Prot items and Ret items of a boss before he coins/kills it, so that he can determine which has a better chance of getting him a tanking piece he would want. I have a chart here:



I can give more information when you post the logs.

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