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Sylvanas Legendary Hunter Bow & Quiver Preview

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A detailed look at the legendary bow and quiver that drops from Sylvanas in Chains of Domination.

Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper

The legendary Hunter bow from Sylvanas has been renamed to Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper on the 9.1 PTR in Build #38709. It grants Hunters the Wailing Arrow Wailing Arrow ability:

  • Fire an enchanted arrow, dealing [ 185% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to your target and an additional [ 75% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yds of your target. Targets struck by a Wailing Arrow are silenced for 5 sec. (Costs 15 Focus, 2-sec cast, 40 yd range, 60-sec cooldown)


PH - DNT - 9.1 Raid Quiver PH - DNT - 9.1 Raid Quiver

The "cosmetic cloak" that drops from Sylvanas in the Sanctum of Domination raid is actually a quiver that sits on your back. Even her in-game model has been updated to incorporate the quiver.


Here is how both the quiver and bow look on your back.


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Wait, did they take the Wailing Arrow idea from her HotS kit, or did the HotS kit take it from something Warcraft related prior?

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22 hours ago, TyZone said:

Wait, did they take the Wailing Arrow idea from her HotS kit, or did the HotS kit take it from something Warcraft related prior?

Withering Fire &  Wailing ArrowWailing Arrow

are both from her HotS kit. They made a few adjustments because the aoe silence would be too strong, but pretty nice to see the spells get used crossover

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