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Pacific early AM playtime

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  Hello, I'm looking to get back into Classic and play TBC. I was playing for a long time until I had to take a break for running/home and family projects. I was active with a good guild and regularly raiding however the times that were available to me were not very convenient. I work Monday through Friday Early 3 AM 12 PM pacific time. I run every day and I do all the cooking, lol. My time is limited and I want to maximize my opportunities. I'm looking for the best Realm and if anyone knows a guild that would have regular early AM pacific time players? On week days I would work leveling and questing, one to two hours depending but the weekends Saturday and Sunday I could Dungeon/Raid from 4 AM to 1 PM. I would appreciate any advise or information that could point me in the right direction, thank you.

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