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equipment question

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hi all new to monk tanking and torn if it is a upgrade or sidegrade or just not worth changing guides say put Vers and crit above agi and haste but just want to verify if i should change from
stud-scarred footwear (226 ilvl)
63 armor
61 agi
112 stam
71 crit
35 haste

Viscera-stitched footpads (ilvl 223)
62 armor
59 agi
108 stam
37 crit
68 vers

thanks all for your input if this question is allowed


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Considering you are comparing two sets of boots that have all of a three item level difference between them, you realistically could go with either and be fine in the knowledge that neither is going to be hurting your performance. If you were to sim it for damage, it is very likely that the vers/crit pair would slightly beat out the crit/haste, but I suspect it would be a margin of 10-15 dps at most. Defensively "more" stats is more ideal, so you would just opt for the higher item level pair instead.

I hope I helped clear things up for you!

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