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PvE Tank Rankings

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Guest Errotar

"Warriors are also the only tank with a low-cooldown defensive ability, Shield Block."

This is extremely inaccurate. Holy Shield?

I'm not contesting the overall rankings, but some acknowledgement of Holy Shield and its strengths in preventing crushing blows against multiple mobs/fast attacks (Prince Malch?) is called for.

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Guest This list is terribl

This tier list ranking is terrible tbh.

Protection warriors are garbage and the best guilds do not run them. Just check warcraft logs if you dont believe me

Top 50 guilds:

Tank comps:

Protection Paladin: 43.2%
Feral Druid: 28.0%
Guardian Druid: 22.9%
Protection Warrior 3.4%
Then the collection of other "specs" adding up to the remaining insignificant amount.

The top guilds do not use Protection Warriors. The top guilds use Protection Paladins as their MT, Feral druids to OT/DPS when not needed.


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Guest Cobart

I view this site to know how I shouldn’t do things. The authors of these topics need to be vetted better because the one consistency of icy-veins is the total deviation from game logs in their advice.

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